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Emmerdale Spoilers: Priya has the wedding jitters

Here’s our guide to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week.  Enjoy!

Priya has the wedding jitters

As her big day arrives, Priya’s questioning if she’s doing the right thing by marrying Rakesh.  Last week it became obvious to her that she didn’t really know him at all and a failed seduction left her embarrassed.  To top it all Rakesh then looked like he was deliberately antagonising Jai by telling Zak that he should sue Jai for Lisa’s dismissal, leaving Priya to support her brother and family business against her fiancé.

Some relief comes at her hen do when a cousin tells her it’s normal not to fall in love straight away in an arranged marriage situation, which calms Priya’s nerves temporarily only to have them return when Rakesh tells her he loves her.  It looks like Priya has lost her appetite as Leyla discovers when she disturbs Priya in the bathroom and finds some uneaten toast hidden in the wardrobe.  Worried that her eating disorder is back, Leyla tells Rakesh and the couple have a heart to heart.  Meanwhile, at Home Farm, the wedding guests are waiting but will the wedding go ahead?

Charity faces her fear

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The police search for Declan is scaled back leaving Megan distraught and Charity to take a trip into the woods to face her fear.  As she stands alone she realises there is no one else there and that Declan isn’t lurking behind every tree.  Megan’s week gets worse as Robbie’s funeral approaches, but she is comforted by Jai as she plans his wake.

Meanwhile, Charity begins clearly out all of Declan’s things from Home Farm and is overwhelmed by the emotion she feels.  Megan arrives at Home Farm and after initial hostilities the pair find themselves oddly united in their grief.  Megan crumbles at the thought that she has lost her whole family and both seemingly convinced Declan must be dead, they raise their glasses and toast to his memory.

As Robbie’s funeral gets underway, Megan tries not to breakdown and asks the congregation to pray for Robbie and her brother Declan too and invites mourners back to Holdgate but takes a moment to herself outside lost in thought.

Jimmy’s baby blues

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He told Nicola he was done with Juliette and his unborn child, but it seems otherwise as Jimmy sneakily meets Juliette in his office and bonds with his child when she shows him the scan.  However, Rodney walks in on them as Jimmy is comforting Juliette, will he be obliged to tell Nicola?

Nicola is put out when Juliette appears at the house wanting to collect the papers which leads her to realise that Jimmy has not yet signed them and she worries he’s having second thoughts.  Jimmy does sign the papers, but then suddenly Juliette goes into labour in their house!

Next day, Juliette arrives in the café to thank Nicola for her help and Nicola lies that Jimmy has posted the signed papers and won’t have anything more to do with baby Carl, but a chance meeting between Juliette and Jimmy allows him one last cuddle with Carl and it seems he may want to be involved after all.


Jai & Leyla
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Leyla gives Jai a sympathetic ear and also offers him her lips, but how will he respond?

Moira is upset when Adam doesn’t send her a visiting order as James tells her he’s only doing it to protect her.  It seems Aaron knows the real reason.

Harriet tells Bob she’s over her feelings for Ashley, but then why is she disappointed when Gabby spends the first night with them in their new home?

Doug receives a saucy piece of fan mail and seems keen to let Diane know about his admirers.

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