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Emmerdale Spoilers: Ross goes on the Rampage

Here at EF Towers we’re still wearing black as we mourn Donna Windsor’s untimely end, and the rest of the village are in complete turmoil too as the aftermath of last week’s dramatic scenes are felt this week .  Read on to find out more.

Ross goes on the Rampage


Ross is still bewildered by Donna’s death, broken by the news of her illness and distraught that she couldn’t confide in him.  He’s also dealing with the guilt of how she died and questioning just what her feelings were for him.  He’s hurting and determined to take down everyone else with him as we saw last week when he left Debbie in his cottage to go and tell the village what Donna was really up to on the day she died.

It seems that he just can’t go through with it and instead he gives April the money Donna left for her, which leaves Marlon in shock when he sees her playing with it and demands to know where she got it.  April tells him that she got it from mummy’s friend at the garage and Marlon immediately thinks it was Cain and rushes to the farm to find out what’s going on.  He is even more shocked when he finds out it was Ross, who then announces he was there when Donna died and that they were more than just partners in crime.

Marlon’s world is rocked by the revelation and decides that Ross must have been blackmailing her.  He vows to protect Donna’s name and covers for Ross with the police telling them she died a hero in the line of duty.

Cain wants to know what Aaron has been up to

Aaron & Cain
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Aaron heads to the Dingles hoping to stay the night whilst he and Adam finalise plans to head back to France, but when the police arrive for Cain (in connection with a stolen car) it’s clear there is more to Aaron’s reappearance than meets the eye.  Cain heads to the police station where he’s shown CCTV footage of Aaron and Adam’s handy work and he’s furious.  He heads home and demands to know exactly what the pair were up to.

Adam is really struggling with Donna’s death causing Moira to be worried what exactly Aaron has dragged him in to and is determined to get to the bottom of it.  Cain meanwhile learns the truth and is furious that Adam was the lookout on the job.

Meanwhile, when Ross learns of Aaron’s interference with the job, he goes on the warpath and blames Aaron for everything going wrong.   As he rampages through the village a brawl breaks out in The Woolpack.

Cain puts a plan in to motion to get Adam and Aaron out of the country but gets scuppered when the police find Aaron’s fingerprints on the stolen car.  With everyone fretting over how to hide Aaron, it’s Chas that notices some self-harm marks on his arms.  Desperate she begs him to stay and sort his life out,  saying the only way to make it happen is to shop Adam to the police.   Moira and James are stunned when they hear her plan and Aaron delivers her an ultimatum to force her not to go through with it.

Unbeknownst to everyone, someone unconnected spies Aaron leaving The Woolpack and phones the police.

Vanessa bags a toy boy

Vanessa & Kirin
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Unlucky in love so far, Vanessa decides it’s time she went out on the pull and is delighted when she catches the eye of the gorgeous Kirin.  What she doesn’t realise is that he is actually only 17 and the son of newcomer Rakesh.  Despite his age, she is very tempted to continue seeing him and is left with the head vs heart debate.  What is a girl to do?

She is later officially introduced to him as Rakesh’s son and they have a drink together pretending they’ve never met before, could this be the start of a secret romance?


Marlon has to break the news to April about her mother Donna and at the end of the week she goes missing sending everyone  frantic trying to find her.

Megan tries to enlist Jimmy to spy on Charity and Harvey but he ends up telling Charity who then decides to get her own back.

Paddy and Aaron share an emotional reunion.

Bob is distraught over Donna’s death.

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