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SDCC Batman v Superman teaser & Wonder Woman pic

The San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and last night Warner Bros and DC Comics treated fans to a massive surprise. Not only did they début the first full picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, they showed a teaser scene for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

First off, Director Zack Snyder took to the stage and said he was filming as recently as the day before and didn’t have much to show. But then they screened footage which sent the crowds wild. Using Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns as a huge inspiration, it features Ben Affleck’s Batman on a rooftop, uncovering the Bat Signal. He fires it up and shines it into the night but the symbol also illuminates a figure hovering in the sky. Superman, with heat vision stares down at a Bat-Armour suited Batman and the two stare each other down before the screen fades to black and the title treatment comes up.

The official footage will hopefully be released sometime today but for now, this was the world’s first glimpse at The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel squaring up to one another. You can see an unofficial recording of the footage below.

Snyder then brought out Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, the crowd went nuts again and DC and Warner pulled off the best surprise of SDCC 14 so far!

Here’s the full publicity shot of Gal Gadot as Woman Woman that was released yesterday too along with the first profile shot of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Wonder Woman


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is due for release in April 2016.

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