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Fatboy Slim’s 7 most amazing videos

Only 1 more day till We Are FSTVL and Fatboy Slim is headlining on Sunday night! To celebrate we decided to remember all of our favourite Fatboy Slim videos.

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim has been making music since before we were even born (and that’s a long while let us tell you). Amazingly Fatboy Slim has always managed to mix his own blend of electro with rock, rap and any other genre that might please.

With each iconic track came a memorable video if you grew up in the nineties then you will have seen and remembered some of Fatboy Slim’s videos.

1. Push The Tempo

First on our video list is Push The Tempo. This track carries the authentic Fatboy Slim sound and we absolutely love this video, which is both humorous and weird.

2. The Rockerfeller Skank

Slim had a few major hits in the nineties and the next video certainly was on of those. Some tracks have the power to take you back in an instant and The Rockerfeller Skank certainly does that. Taking place in a strange America, The Rockerfeller Skank does not make a lot of sense but that’s probably why we enjoy it so much. The best part of the video is the excellent dance moves and how every thing just goes a little crazy come the third minute of the song. Excellent indeed.

3. Right Here Right Now

For our next video we picked one Slim’s biggest hits to date. Right Here Right Now defined a generation and marked an amazing year for the artist. The track was taken from Fatboy Slim’s greatest album, You’ve Come A Long Way Baby and the video simply shows the evolution of life on the planet.

4. Weapon of Choice

It’s undeniable that Fatboy Slim’s videos have showcased some pretty impressive dance routines and the video for Weapon of Choice is one of our favourite and not just coz of the incredible moves but also coz Christopher Walken stars in it. Yep empty hotel corridors were made for Walken’s solo routines. Oh and this video unsurprisingly won best choreography and video at the MTV Music Awards and a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

5. Praise You

Praise You is another incredibly funny video from Fatboy Slim’s repertoire and also won a few awards. Whilst Weapon of Choice had one of the most accomplished dance routines, Praise You is the exact opposite!

6. Body Movin’

Alongside his own work Fatboy Slim has also done countless of remixes and one that stands out to us is Body Movin’ from American rappers Beastie Boys. The video is absolutely brilliant and goes to show that a good storyline can be told in just over five minutes.

7. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

Most recently Fatboy Slim has been back with an anthem every raver will know, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat is probably a motto many avid dancers live by and the video of Calvin Harris’ remix is a great depiction of how hardcore serious dancing can be. We personally prefer the original song but this video is a must watch.

There you have it our favourte Fatboy Slim videos. If all the above is making you want to see the artist in the flesh then get tickets to see him at We Are FSTVL, which are still available for purchase.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
Sarah aka Bargi is the Assistant Editor and Music Editor for Entertainment Focus (EF).

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