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Watch a clip from Lifetime’s The Proposers

The Proposers is kicking off tonight on Lifetime as more men and women are helped with their unique and personal proposals.

Daisy Amodio and Tiffany Wright are the brains behind the UK’s leading proposal planning service and in The Proposer they will lend their expertise to men and women who want to propose in a unique and special way. The pair have organised over 150 wedding proposals to date including a flash mob choir on the London Eye and a Bollywood dance routine on Tower Bridge.

Daisy Amodio, a former advertising exec, says: “The story of your engagement proposal is one you’re going to tell forever – to your friends, family, kids, grandkids. I think it’s important to get it right. My friend got engaged in a car park and she is so embarrassed when telling the story. We’ve helped all sorts of people, some simply want a picnic in a romantic setting and others want a full-scale song-and-dance show with the budding groom centre stage.”

Tiffany Wright, a former journalist and author, says: “A proposal can be extremely stressful and these days women want the works. We’re here to help romantics come up with a wonderful or quirky idea that will make for a truly personal proposal and deliver a dream that their bride to be has always wished for.”

We got our hands on a clip from the first episode of the show so you can get a taster of what’s in store.

The Proposers premieres on Lifetime tonight at 9pm. Watch a clip from the first episode and the trailer for the show:

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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