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Big Society The Musical – Screening and Q&A

Aria Entertainment and the Landor Theatre as part of the annual From Page to Stage festival are delighted to announce a preview screening of Big Society the Musical alongside a special Q&A with the creative team this week on Thursday 13th February as part of this years festival.

Producer Katy Lipson said, “I wanted to find something to present which was unexpected at this years season. When I came across the film ‘Big Society The Musical’ I knew I had to invite the producers down to screen some scenes and also present a Q & A about their creative choices, developmental process and opinion on the musical genre.”

A surreal and gritty musical set against the backdrop of the UK economic cuts, Big Society The Musical takes the action of austerity protest marches and the spectacle of a west end musical and weaves in a personal story of finding a voice. It is social politics set to music, hard hitting and authentic, lifted with the help of a little northern British humor.

The film tells its story through 14 strong original musical numbers which range from hundreds of singing community members chanting down a street through to intimate and touching duets on a tall ship.

Big Society the Musical is Directed by Lynne Harwood, Produced by Jennifer Monks & Nicola Mitchell, with music written by Andy Frizell. The screenplay is written by Jan Brown, Ann Monks, Paula Simms, Lynne Harwood, Jennifer Monks, Cath Bore and Charlie Kelly.

The principal cast are Paula Simms, Jennifer John, Paul Wise, Errol Lloyd Parry, Joe Maddocks and Shaun McKenna.

To find out more about From Page to Stage see the website or Twitter @frompage2stage.

Greg Jameson
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