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CBB Day 21: It’s all about Luisa Zissman

There’s going to be another eviction tonight on Celebrity Big Brother but before then it’s time to catch up on the events of Day 21 in the house.

The day started with an apology from house grump Linda Nolan who had a chat with Ollie Locke after being rather rude to him the previous night. Ollie’s speech to the housemates started Linda and Luisa Zissman bitching before the pair had a row with him about it.

Whilst Linda was making amends, Luisa was still laughing about it in the Diary Room to Big Brother. Still feeling no remorse for upsetting him then?

Lee Ryan and Jim Davidson had a chat about the upcoming eviction and they think that Luisa will be leaving. We hope they’re wrong as she’s one of the most entertainining people in the house.

Ollie takes to the Diary Room to have a moan about Luisa and Linda. He told Big Brother that he should have nominated Luisa and called her ‘malicious’. We think maybe Linda will regret telling Ollie to speak his mind before the show’s over.

Luisa had a chat with Sam Faiers and Linda where she told them that Ollie wants to win before she revealed she didn’t care if people liked her or not in the house. It’s a good job Luisa!

Dappy spends most of the day not speaking to Luisa still upset about her comments that he’s sexist. He took to the Diary Room to air his grievances whilst Luisa told Lee she was upset that Dappy wasn’t speaking to her.

Luisa followed Linda’s lead by apologising to Ollie telling him that she has a ‘piss taking sense of humour’. Ollie and Dappy agree that Luisa’s apologies are just not enough for them to make up with her. Ollie and Luisa talk about their row again in the garden with Luisa telling Ollie he needs to stop being a ‘victim’.

Linda had a moan in the Diary Room that Jim won’t be evicted due to his fan base.

By the end of the day Luisa and Dappy finally made up. Casey Batchelor and Lee continued to flirt but Lee told Casey they shouldn’t sleep in the same bed anymore sending her to bed on her own.

Tune into Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 for the latest from the house and to find out who will be leaving. See all the pictures from Day 21 in our gallery below:

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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