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The Pastels – Slow Summits album review

Following the release of their optimistic song Check My Heart, The Pastels are now ready to release their new album Slow Summits. We had a listen and here are our thoughts.

First on the album is Secret Music, a dreamy start to the album filled with quirky sounds. The female vocals on the track really give it that dream-like atmosphere with their soft fragility. The first track is quite long though and feels like its dragging before it ends.

Night Time Made Us speeds things up with a faster beat. There is a sixties type mood about this song and once the female harmonies mix with the male vocals the track becomes altogether more nostalgic. There is something really raw and easy about this that simply attracts. Check My Heart picks up where we left off with another set of sixties inspired melodies and vocals. There is something quite cheeky about this track and like Night Time Made this also sounds raw and amateurish but also fresh.

For the slower tracks of the album you have Summer Time, which is quite deep but following an interlude we are greeted by Kicking Leaves a lounge-ier ballad with beautiful harmonies and also that quality dreamy vibe.

The album goes back to a more upbeat tempo with the dramatic Wrong Light. The rough guitar riffs make this quite heavy but it works.

The title track of the album is a bit of a surprise with its exotic atmosphere. We love how Slow Summits teases you with a Latino guitar and other instruments. The longest track on the album, Slow Summits has no vocals but doesn’t drag at all funnily enough.

The last track on the album is Illuminum Song, a great pop song with a catchy melody and infectious chorus.

The Pastels’ new album is quite enjoyable. We love how raw and fresh the band’s sound is and are quite curious to experience them live.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
Sarah aka Bargi is the Assistant Editor and Music Editor for Entertainment Focus (EF).

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