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Face to Face Festival of Solo Theatre returns

The Face to Face Festival of Solo Theatre is entering its second year at the LOST Theatre, London.

It will comprise six evenings of performances by talented solo theatre artists, running from July 1st – 6th. The main performances will be supported by outstanding new and emerging performers …

On Sunday July 7th the festival will be devoted to solo performances for audiences of one, unique encounters one to one with headline performers and special guests.

The Face to Face Festival features:
Stephen Oxley as Tristram Shandy on July 1st;
PR guru Mark Borkowski & Nineties Woman Rosie Wilby on July 2nd;
Verbatim Theatre artist Louise Wallinger on July 3rd;
Jewish comedian Ivor Dembina on July 4th;
Seminal soloist Claire Dowie & Theatre Poet Kay Adshead on July 5th;
Physical performer Peta Lily & Verbal virtuoso Jack Klaff on July 6th

To find out more about the Face to Face Festival and to book tickets, visit the website www.solotheatrefestival.co.uk.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
Book editor, with an interest in cult TV.

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