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Dancing On Ice: Semi-Final Recap

Tonight saw the Semi-Final of Dancing On Ice 2013 with our four exceptional amazing celebrities fighting for their place in the final next weekend!

Dancing On Ice began tonight with the final four celebrities and their professional partners, along with the legends that are Torvill and Dean skating to Titanium. Olympic stars Luke Campbell and Beth Tweddle, rugby legend Gareth Thomas and Eastenders’ Matt Lapinskas were all in it to win it.

All of the skating stars were performing twice tonight, with their second performance involving fire. Ooh1

First up tonight was Eastenders star Matt Lapinskas. In his VT, we saw him feeling a bit overwhelmed with the routine. Matt was going to be lifted and elevated up in the air, which was a first for Dancing On Ice. They came onto the ice wearing blue, and they were brilliant! They danced to Robbie Williams’ Straighten Up And Fly Right, and scored 39 from the judges. Robin Cousins said: “The best male flyer we have had in all our series’.” We couldn’t have agreed more. Jason Gardiner said: “Matt, I have to concur with Robin, you were the best we’ve ever seen with celebrity male’s in the air, I loved it!”

Next up was Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle and her partner Dan Whiston. In her VT, we saw Beth trying to feel comfortable with being sexy. Being the only girl left in the competition, Beth said: “I want to being it for the girls.” Their song was Jessie J’s Domino, and they were both dressed in gorgeous black with a hint of diamonds. Beth certainly did ‘bring it”. In their routine they included a sit-on-the-shoulder lift. They scored 38.5. Ashley Roberts said: “The lift were amazing tonight, but I still wanted something more.” Karen Barber said: “You struggled with the character, but you brought it.” Jason said: “There is no question about your ability, but its week nine, and I’ve been asking for you to bring me something from your character and you are dead behind your eyes.” We don’t agree with Jason. We thought Beth excelled!

Luke Campbell was next to face the ice, and after an amazing score last weekend, Luke was excited about his routine. In his VT, we saw him struggling with being lifted high, and he didn’t like it. Suffering from sickness, he decided “I’m going all out for it!” Their song tonight was Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow, their routine was very atmospheric. Both dressed in light blue, they looked gorgeous and included several lifts in their routine. They scored 30.5. Robin said: “A good score and a very nice, clean routine. The fliers have no control over the wires, mechanically you were right, but I wanted you to show that you were enjoying each other. Jason didn’t like it.

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas was next, and in his VT, we saw how happy he was to be in the final four. Gareth and his partner Robin were performing to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. They danced and skated very well and included assisted lift, and scored 33.5. Karen said: “I was pleased with that, but I was concerned in the beginning about your balance.” Ashley said: “I think you’ve had one of the greatest transformations out of everyone in the competition, you are a rugby player and you’ve done very well.” Jason said: “Some of your lifts were a bit clunky.” Phillip Schofield asked Gareth how he felt, and told him to go to the side. We hope he’ll be ok. Oh, and well done Phillip for attempting the longest village name ever!!

The second part of tonight’s programme saw the skating stars dancing to their favourite songs. First up was Luke Campbell and their song was Westlife’s What About Now. In their VT, we saw Luke and his partner attempting to do a new big lift, and they were both very nervous about it. Both were dressed in shocking pink, and we felt they were worthy of their place in tonight’s semi-final. They scored 31.5 – their best so far! Ashley said: “Difficult moves from you tonight, and this is the semi-finals, and I wanted to see you crack open even more.” Karen said: “I think its harder to skate than it is to smile. I have to give you credit for your lifts.” We enjoyed it!

Next up was Gareth Thomas. We were very concerned about Gareth after he felt unwell during his first performance. In his VT, we saw him struggling with the flying. He was sick after being up in the air. Christopher Dean said: “We’ve never had anyone get so physically sick as we’ve with Gareth.” The medical team advised him not to fly, and unfortunately was pulled out of the performance. His partner said: “Right now, he’s with Sharon in the physic room, and I thought he did really well skating for the first time.” Chris Dean said: “Gareth’s safety is very important to us, and he’s been getting worse every hour.” We hope Gareth will be ok.

Matt Lapinskas and his partner Brianne were next up, and in their VT we saw Matt training hard for his performance on the ice. Their song tonight was Michael Jackson’s Bad. They were both dressed in killer red, and were amazingly good! Are we looking at the winners of Dancing On Ice 2013 here? They scored 39.0! Well done guys, and even Jason scored them a 10! He said: “We really needed that tonight! That was a semi-final performance! It was edgy. Well done! It was a complete package for me!” Karen loved it: “It was a fantastic performance.” Ashley said: “It was extra hot and spicy!” We agree!

Last to skate tonight was Beth Tweddle and Matt. In their VT, we saw Beth rehearsing the flying. Jane Torvill said: “Beth is very good at taking instructions.” Beth said: “I have to be elegant up there.” They skated to Angel by Sara Mclachan, and were dressed in light pink. We think this was the performance of the night, by far. They scored 38.0. Robin said: “I thought that was exquisite.” Ashley said: “You were connecting with your partner and connecting with the music.” Karen said: “Anyone that doubted you as a performer should watch that.” Jason thought she owned it!

We loved Beth tonight, as well as Matt Lapinskas. If the final had both of them, then it will be amazing!

Tune into Dancing On Ice: The Results tonight at 8.30pm on ITV.

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