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The Voice UK: Live show 4 recap

The Voice UK 2012

Tonight on The Voice UK Team Jessie and Team Danny take to the stage, and again – two from each team will leave the competition tomorrow.

With only four contestants left in each team, the pressure was indeed on for the aspiring singers and their Coaches. Not only will all the contestants sing by themselves, but they will also be singing with their respective mentors, which means – Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue will perform live! YAY!

First performance of the night was Jessie J and her team. In their VT we saw Jessie try get to know the contestants better in a game of bowling, it looked life fun! When the music started, Jessie stopped and said: “Can we stop? My mic isn’t on! I’m sorry to do this on live TV, but this is what happens!” What followed was an uncomfortable few seconds. Second time round – they started and carried on without stopping. Their song was We Are Young by American band Fun. Although it started a bit uncomfortable, it got better halfway through.

Max from Team Danny was next to sing, and in his VT we saw him not being surprised for being in the bottom two last week. In rehearsals he was using a loop pedal, which would help him to harmonize during his live performance. As Danny said: “If anything goes wrong, then it’s over!” Max went to perform in front of school children to practice using the loop pedal, it went well. His song was KT Tunstall’s Black Horse & The Cherry Tree. Max looked sexy – he was wearing a bowler hat and looked very comfortable on stage despite his nerves. Danny said: “You know, the reason why I’m standing is – you were in the bottom two last week, you came out and smashed it Max!” sang: “I feel good!! Honest, it was a great performance, but these are like the finals, and the song wasn’t the smartest.” Jessie said: “I applaud you because you’ve done something like that on live tv, it could have so easily have gone wrong, but you did it. The song choice was too familiar to someone whose doing this.” Sir Tom said: “As far as I’m concerned, Max entertained me.” Well done Max!

Cassius was next from Team Jessie, and after his previous performance, EF was looking forward to hearing him this week. In rehearsals, we saw him having trouble with being tense. Jessie tried to help him. “Cassius has to fight for it. He has to make his performance stand out.” His song was Adele’s Turning Tables. His performance was very atmospheric and absolutely gorgeous – Cassius can sing. He was stood next to a black piano and looked like he’d been performing on stage for years. Jessie said: “I’m so honest with my team about constructive criticism, and Cassius is someone whose very vocal. You let go, you hit your notes very well. But to be constructive, I would have liked to have seen you turn around to face the audience a bit more.” Tom said: “First time I heard him sing I thought he was strong, but he does get stronger and stronger. To sing that song well, more power to you!” Danny said: “Was that strong enough to get you through to next week? I don’t know.” Will said: “Out of all the singers in Team Jessie, you’re one that I want.” Well done Cassius.

Next from Team Danny was Bo Bruce. We like Bo, she’s got something about her. In her VT, we saw her talk about how proud she is of being there. In rehearsals, we saw her talk about the song: “It’s such an emotionally charged song. I need to show my feist.” Danny was surprised about her lack of confidence. Go on Bo, you can do it! Her song was Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie. From the first note, she had our attention. She reminds us a bit of a young Sinead O’Connor. Bo captured the essence of the song really well, and her voice suited it. Danny said: “That was a amazing performance. I love the way you lie, sing and look! I believe you are one of the most marketable people here, and you’ve got a great ethos. She had a bad back all week too – you’re special.” Will said: “The way you sing, it’s the kind of stuff I like. Rihanna sung it good, but dang…you sang it million times better! No disrespect, but Bo – Wow.” Jessie said: “I love your voice. I look forward to your performance every week. You’ve someone that makes this competition so versatile.” Tom said: “Nerves is part of being a human being, we all have nerves. Nerves never leaves you. Fear is bad, so a little bit of nervousness is fine. It didn’t show.”

Next was Vince from Team Jessie. In his VT, we saw how his family has reacted to his fame and success. In rehearsals, Jessie encouraged him to put his own stamp in the song. Jessie said: “Vince needs to stop being scared of The Voice.” He hoped to hit the high notes and put a smile on people’s faces. His song this week was Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love. Dressed in a Caribbean way, he’d had the song arranged into a reggae style. It worked quite well, but it was missing a little something which we can’t put our finger on it. Jessie said: “Vince came to me with the production for that, and it was a please working with someone that knows what they want. Well done.” Tom said: “Its hard to take anyone else’s song and doing it your own way, and Vince has a talent. He doesn’t sound like anyone else, he has a great vocal range.” Danny said: “I love your vocal, but I don’t think the reggae feel worked, but I hoped it connected with the people at home.” Will said: “Vince is the bomb!” He also tweeted that too…. Well done Vince!

Aleks Josh was next from Team Danny, and EF was looking forward to seeing him. In his VT we saw him experience the fame side of being on The Voice. In rehearsals, Aleks and Danny compromised with the song choice – good work guys! His song was Better Together by Jack Johnson. Stood on stage wearing a white shirt with braces, he looked very lovely. Accompanied by a harmonica and guitar, it should have sounded better but unfortunately it came across quite boring. He could have added a lot more to it, which is a shame as we really like Aleks. Danny said: “The sound of the whole of the Uk is breaking right now! Haha! Everything you’ve done this week is incredible. I’m proud of you.”Will said: “I like your own style and stuff, I love that. I think its fresh. Just after the fifth time, I want to see more variations. I want Danny to push you.” Jessie said: “I thought it was very safe, and thought when is it going to get more exciting!” Sir Tom said: “When I was seventeen, I wanted to set the world on fire! That performance was very relaxed, and then when you say he’s only seventeen, you seem very relaxed. I thought it was too safe for you.” We agree.

Next from Team Jessie was Becky, and having done a brave number last week, we were excited to see her tonight! On her song choice, Jessie said: “Becky needs to be quite forceful with this week.” In rehearsals, we saw her enjoying being around different people and being away from her hometown. Her song this week was Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, and straight from the off she caught everyone’s attention by shouting “Everybody stand up!!” They sure did. Becky channelled her inner-rockinness tonight and it completely worked for her. She reminded us a bit of Avril Lavigne in her style. She also swore…oops… Jessie said: “Becky, you need to realise how amazing your voice is.” Becky then started to have a panic attack, and Jessie gave her a hug. Jessie continued: “She hasn’t shown everything she’s got, but I can’t wait to see her do slow stuff. People can see her tone, and the way you got everybody on their feet.” Tom said: “She always does enough for me! Becky is on fire as far as I’m concerned. She takes it to the extreme, and I’m slightly concerned that you’ll take it too far with your voice and hurt it.” Danny said: “I’d love to duet with you, I think you’re a fantastic performer.” Will said: “That was fantastic, lots of energy and attitude. I don’t know what you’re worried about, it was great.”

Up next was David from Team Danny. In his VT, we saw him rehearse with Danny. David could relate to the song so well. Danny said: “David is a hopeless romantic.” David had someone in his mind. His song was She Will Be Lovedby Maroon 5. Sat on a stool with his guitar, dressed in denim, his voice was beautiful. EF thinks this is the best performance of the night, his voice suited the song, he captured the essence of the song so well. He also received a tremendous applause. He deserved it. Danny said: “We went left field with you as well, you’ve done me very proud. I really hope whoever you were singing that to tonight was watching.” Will said: “It was real cool. I liked it. I don’t want to be the one and tell exactly how I feel…this is real critical right – two of Danny’s teams are gonna leave, and the way you guys pick songs doesn’t seem like you’re taking it seriously. The way you guys are arranging could be better.” An argument then ensued.

Toni Warne was next, and having being saved by Jessie last week, she was certainly grateful. This week, her song made her emotional. “I’m an emotional person, but this is on another level. I can’t be a wreck on stage.” EF also hoped she wouldn’t be crying too. Her song was Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Elton John. Wearing a gorgeous red dress and accompanied by a white piano, she looked lovely. Her performance was certainly emotional. Jessie said: “Vocally I said to Toni to do what she wants. I’m so proud of you.” Tom said: “I loved it and you got me. So much emotion when you sing, and you don’t let it crush you.”

Closing the show tonight was a team performance by Danny and his contestants. We saw them go out and bond over go-karting. Their song tonight was Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. It was an interesting performance that could also work as a single for them all! Bo and David were great together!

Tonight’s show was good, it started a it shaky with Jessie J and her team’s performance, but that wasn’t the theme for the evening. We loved David, Bo and Becky, but Aleks didn’t set our heart on fire.

The Voice UK Results will be on BBC One tomorrow night.


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