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Interview: Morgan Wade on ‘Psychopath’, UK fans and Highways Festival

It’s safe to say Morgan Wade has had a pretty meteoric rise to fame. Releasing her debut album ‘Reckless’ back in 2021, she’s rapidly won over fans both here and in the US with her raw, heartfelt lyrics and rock-influenced sound, performing at C2C and BST Hyde Park as well as playing sold-out headlining shows across the UK. Now she’s back with her brand new single, ‘Psychopath’, the title track from her sophomore record which is due for release in August.

Whilst she was in the UK last month for her acoustic tour, I caught up with Morgan before her Highways Festival set for a chat about her love for the UK, the new track and what else she’s got coming up this year.

Welcome back to the UK!

Thank you!

How have you been finding this trip?

Good! Good. I finally feel like I’ve got on the time over here. I was a little jetlagged last night.

Have there been any particular highlights or standout moments?

Well, Liverpool – when we did ‘Wilder Days’ it was like a standing ovation and they were all screaming it back. So that was really nice.

You’re here on an acoustic tour this time. How do you find that compared to performing with a band?

Yeah. I mean, it’s been like low key, a little different with the travelling. But it’s obviously been like sit down shows and stuff like that. But it’s been nice. It’s been, like, a change of pace, ’cause we were on tour with the full band from February up until last month, so it’s been nice to just chill.

I know that was your first headline tour in the US – is there anything you’ve taken from that experience that you’re putting into this tour?

Yeah, I mean, it’s… obviously I feel like I’m on a roll right now. I’m in a routine with how the shows are everything are going. But I think every crowd’s a little different and everyone here’s so polite [laughs]. It’s like no-one wants to make any noise while you’re playing. It’s awesome.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Psychopath’ – tell us a bit more about that…

Yeah, yeah, that’s the title track for the new record that’s due out in August. I actually wrote that song, ‘Psychopath’, literally a couple days before ‘Reckless’ came out. So I’ve had that song for quite a while now to put out. But yeah, it’s the lead track for the new record and I’m really excited about it.

How have you found the fans’ reaction to it has been so far?

It’s been great. It’s crazy, ’cause I have yet to see a negative reaction to that song.

And are there any songs you’re particularly enjoying playing live at the moment?

Yeah, I’m enjoying playing that one. And obviously everybody, ‘Wilder Days’, they know every word to that one.

I also wanted to ask about the cover of ‘You Oughta Know’ that you recently appeared on [with Alanis Morrissette, Ingrid Andress, Lainey Wilson and Madeline Edwards] – how did that come about?

Yeah, I mean, CMT asked me to do that one with Alanis for the award show. So we did that and it went over so well that we just decided to go put out the live version. It was good.

What does the rest of the year look like for you? Obviously the new record comes out in August and I know you’ve got a few tour dates later in the year as well – is that the focus for the foreseeable future?

Yeah, touring and then getting the album out and already booking 2024 and rolling out those tour dates. So touring until the end of the earth [laughs].

And finally – after this trip, have you got any plans to come back to the UK again?

Yes, I do. I don’t think those are out yet but we got it.

Morgan Wade’s latest single, ‘Psychopath’, is out now on Ladylike Records/Sony Music Entertainment. Her new album, also titled ‘Psychopath’, will be released on 25th August 2023.

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