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Chase Rice releases previously hidden track ‘For a Day’ in honour of the 15th anniversary of his father’s passing

Previously available only as a hidden track on physical versions of Chase Rice’s critically acclaimed album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell, powerfully emotional song ‘For A Day’ is available everywhere now as Rice marks the 15th anniversary of his late father’s passing.

Written alone by Rice and recorded on the final day of the immersive two-week session at his rural home-turned-studio with producer Oscar Charles, ‘For A Day’ was captured in its purest form, with just Rice and a guitar, once the live band was gone and the bulk of the studio setup had been torn down.

“This is as raw as it gets,” the man praised by Sports Illustrated for “his wild ride to redemption” explains. “I miss my dad every day, and if I could have one more with him here’s just a couple things I’d do with him. My favorite part would be seeing him with my niece and two nephews. I did three takes on this, one for each one of them, and I couldn’t hold it together for any of ’em.” 

“We’d hop in your F-250. I’d tell you to tell me about how you met mom when you was on your way to pick up your second to last first date. We’d pour out Black Velvet Whisky, the first one you ever drank with me. I’d trade my Chevrolet, every dollar made, every song I ever sang… for a day,” sings Rice in what Billboard celebrates as “most vulnerable recording to date” emblematic of “his open-hearted approach to his new music.”

Rice first debuted the song ahead of the album’s release on the Grand Ole Opry stage, where he reflected on the sudden loss of Daniel Rice in 2008 and the impact that had on his musical journey, including at his 2014 Opry debut where he looked out to see his mom, Connie, next to an empty seat in his dad’s honor. Watch the moving performance and Rice’s heartfelt intro below:

The song’s digital release follows this week’s premiere of a 10-part docuseries chronicling the full recording process of ‘I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell’, with the first three episodes available now and additional installments dropping each Tuesday. Watch HERE.

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