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Which VR opportunities should you be looking out for in entertainment?

Entertainment is something that is important to us all and helps us have fun in our spare time. It is also something that can help us relax after a busy day and de-stress if we feel overwrought. In modern times, there are lots of ways to stay entertained.

As with many other sectors, technology has started to revolutionise these options and change how we keep ourselves amused. A good example of this is how virtual reality tech is being seen more within the entertainment industry and the areas it is expected to have more of a presence in as time moves on.

But what are the top VR opportunities in entertainment to look out for?

VR casinos

Everyone who keeps an eye on the modern entertainment sector knows how big online casinos are now globally. One innovation in this sector which stands out in terms of virtual reality tech are VR casinos.

These next-gen iGaming sites see players donning VR headsets to not only experience the online casino itself in a more immersive way but also play specially designed VR casino games. These are usually similar types of games to what you would find in a non-VR casino site.

The live casino games (such as Nexus Roulette and Super Stake Blackjack) and slots (including Starburst and Rainbow Riches) offered at 21.co.uk casino give an idea of the type of games you might also find in VR online casinos.

When it comes to VR tech to watch out for, iGaming is a niche that is worth keeping tabs on. This is because virtual reality technology is not only perfectly suited to online casino gaming but set to be seen more within virtual casino play moving ahead. There is already a small number of VR casinos to game at with the appropriate tech and this is expected to grow – especially if the Metaverse is rolled out widely in future.

VR video games

Of course, VR tech to pay attention to in entertainment is the waves being created in video gaming. VR video games are much more immersive and take players into the centre of the action. As a result, they give a totally fresh feel to gaming and help to make video games more appealing to everyone.

Virtual reality within video games is something that has been growing for a few years now and looks set to really explode soon. This is due to the kit people need to play VR games at home now being a lot more affordable, stylish and simple to use.

Whether you try out Skyrim VR, Beat Saber or Resident Evil 4 VR, you are certainly in for a wild ride. With game developers finding innovative ways to use this tech, keep an eye out for even more awesome VR video games in future.

VR cinemas

One of the most enduring and popular ways to stay entertained is watching a good movie. This can be especially good at the cinema, where you get the full effect of the film’s visuals and soundtrack. VR cinemas are something to watch out for and look set to transform the way we enjoy movies.

Watching the latest blockbuster in virtual reality cinemas is something that can already be experienced but usually only in major global cities. It is expected, though, that this could become more widespread in future, as more dedicated VR films are produced. But how do these special kinds of cinemas work?

In essence, it is like a souped-up version of watching a 3D film. Cinemagoers are drawn into the movie itself through VR headsets and experience the action from a truly unique perspective. Some VR cinemas also use scents pumped into the cinema to further stimulate moviegoers’ senses.

VR in music

Music is another huge entertainment niche and one that VR could soon transform. The main way in which music could use virtual reality revolves around live concerts. This next-gen technology gives an easy way for people to attend gigs – but without having to physically travel or be there in person.

This is obviously a lot cheaper and means people can experience gigs from the comfort of their own home. For artists and promoters, VR for live concerts removes any issues around capacity in a venue and enables an almost unlimited number of fans to attend shows.

While this might not be in place in time for events like Morrissey’s UK summer shows in 2023, it could be something we start to see more of fairly soon.

VR in entertainment causing a stir

Virtual reality technology is something that has been talked about for a while and seems to have genuine possibilities in entertainment. The last few years have already seen it become more visible in many entertainment niches and it is safe to predict that this will continue. If you are wondering what specific VR opportunities in entertainment to watch out for, those discussed here are good examples.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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