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Why Cryptocurrency Works Well With Online Casinos?

The first crypto coin, the mother of all coins Bitcoin, has been around for more than 10 years now.

Money has now become a universal way of purchasing goods and services, both offline and online. In addition, there is a lively trade in Bitcoins and alternative crypto currencies, the so-called altcoins. In recent years, we have seen the cryptocurrency market grow. A market that is still in its infancy, but is maturing. We are also seeing more and more countries adapting their laws and regulations to the cryptocurrencies.

In recent times, more and more non GamStop casinos, which you may also find on Thegamepoint.io, are also using the digital payment method. To date, it is not allowed to gamble online with cryptocurrency in the UK. However, the question is why online casinos choose this.

What Advantages Do Cryptocurrencies Have?

The main advantages are the (almost) anonymity that users have when making payments. In addition, you are the full owner of the digital money, no bank is involved. You can also pay anywhere in the world with the digital payment method and transactions are fast and cheap. Finally, every user has access to the so-called ledger, in which all transactions are recorded.

Cryptocurrency & Non GamStop Casinos – The Advantages for Players

There are a lot of advantages for players who decide to use cryptocurrencies in online casinos without GameStop and they include the following:

More Bonuses

Since the value of cryptocurrencies is much higher than fiat currencies, players get double rewards when using cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, since crypto transactions are end-to-end, it is much less expensive to process them. Thus, cryptocurrency users get double rewards. It is a win-win scenario for both operators and players. So, this is a double benefit.

Instant Transactions

In the area of non GamStop casino transactions, the involvement of third parties causes widespread inconvenience among players who have to wait for a long time to receive their deposits or withdrawals. This in and of itself is causing a growing sense of discontent among many players and non GamStop casinos alike. With a quick look at the review forums and platforms, you can see how much players hate waiting. Fortunately, Bitcoin and its digital cousins came to change this reality and offer instant financial transactions to all users so that they can get their deposits instantly and get their withdrawals within the shortest possible time.

Increase Credibility

By executing transactions without fees and in the shortest possible period of time, cryptocurrencies add more credibility to the virtual gambling industry as a whole. Moreover, online casinos no longer need to cooperate with third-parties since they can do everything.


One of the most important features of digital currencies is the high level of security that they provide to users. When using traditional cash to bet, there is always the possibility that your money could be stolen or lost. On the contrary, when you decide to use digital currencies, you will get the highest possible level of security.

Benefits for Non GamStop Casinos

Players can benefit from investing in cryptocurrency casinos, but also non GamStop casinos themselves enjoy the benefits. That starts when you open such a casino. Where you normally spend several months opening a regular online casino, this can be done in a few weeks for a cryptocurrency casino. For example, you do not need a license for a crypto casino, which saves a lot of hassle. Moreover, it is a lot cheaper to establish a crypto casino. And operating such a casino is also cheaper and easier. Due to the characteristics that cryptocurrencies have, it becomes a lot more difficult to commit fraud. Finally, the crypto casino market is a lot smaller than the online casino market. So less competition.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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