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Walter Presents: ‘Faking Hitler’ to launch on Channel 4 this month

German series ‘Faking Hitler’ is coming to Channel 4 and All 4 courtesy of Walter Presents this month.

Starring Lars Eidinger, Moritz Bleibtreu and Sinje Irslinger, the six-part series is created by Wolfgang Groos, Tobi Baumann, Tommy Wosch, Annika Cizek and Dominik Moser. 

Walter Presents: Faking Hitler
Credit: Walter Presents

In the 1980s Hitler’s Secret Diaries were billed as the scoop of the century but as this series reveals, the diaries were a shocking fake scam. The series is a fictional account of a true-life story.

40 years since the infamous global media scandal, ‘Faking Hitler’ reveals the series of events that led to global media chaos! When reporter Gerd Heidemann (Lars Eidinger) hears of a diary written by Adolf Hitler, he can’t resist such a tantalising scoop. However, unbeknownst to him, the diary is the fabrication of a charismatic art dealer, petty criminal, and prolific forger Konrad Kujau (Moritz Bleibtreu).

Time pressure means that the usual procedures of due diligence are abandoned and Heidemann’s judgement is clouded by personal ambition and pressure from STERN magazine to acquire the books.

Meanwhile, young STERN editor Elisabeth Stöckel (Sinje Irslinger) is being blackmailed by Leo Gold (Daniel Donsky), a Jewish investigative journalist who is determined to derail the publication of the diaries. He threatens to reveal Elizabeth’s father’s Nazi past if she refuses to help stymie publication.

Beautifully set in East Germany in the 1980s the series has gathered plenty of awards including the Best Drama Series prize at the German Television Awards 2022.

Walter Presents: ‘Faking Hitler’ will launch on Channel 4 on 26th February at 11pm. The full series will be available as a boxset on All 4 from 24th February 2023.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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