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Gather Your Friends and Play Bingo for Adults

Bingo is one of those games you think is quite boring but actually turns into one heck of a fun time. And when you are an adult, fun times are needed to get through some pretty rough times. But did you know that there are different variations of bingo? Yes, and this makes the game exciting. So, if you plan on having your friends over for a game night, why not incorporate bingo into the evening? You can also theme your bingo nights. The list is practically endless. In that breath, let’s have a look at the bingo variations for adults. 

Online bingo

Gambling is a great form of entertainment and a great way to kill time. There’s so much fun to be had with online bingo slots, but how do they work? Well, pretty much the same as traditional bingo, but instead of on paper, it’s all online. If you are going with Borgata Online Casino, you’ve got a lot of bingo games to choose from. Even slingo too! You can also download Borgata’s bingo games onto your mobile device for ease of convenience. 

30 ball bingo

When we become adults, we sometimes figure everything needs to be done really quickly, or we need to work and relax at a slower pace. But with 30-ball bingo, everything is quite rapid, so you need to keep up. How does it work? You start the game with 30 balls and the 3×3 square bingo cards. And you play quickly. You basically need to motor through the game because you only have 30 balls. So if you and your pals are after quick games, this one is it.

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90-ball bingo

This one will keep you and your friends entertained all night since you have a whopping 90 balls to play through. Add some prosecco and negronis, and it’s an all-out party. So, how does 90-ball bingo work? There are 90 balls, and bingo cards have 15 numbers divided into rows of five. As usual, the person who gets a complete row and yells bingo is the winner. However, the game does not end there. The second person to win must have two completed rows to be winner number two. But there is another way to win, and arguably the hardest. This is where a player has all 15 numbers on their card completed. 

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Bingo bonanza

This one takes its cue from 75-ball bingo, so let’s first have a look at what 75-ball bingo is. Your bingo card has 25 squares organized in five rows of five numbers. To add to the excitement, the cards are organized by bingo letters. So basically, there are 15 numbers per letter. Now, how does this tie into the bingo bonanza? Well, bingo bonanza is way more fast-paced. While in 75 ball bingo, you are given a clean slate with a clear card, with bingo bonanza, players are given 43 numbers from the get-go. Then the caller calls the numbers, and players try their best to call BINGO first. To make things even more interesting this year, why not head to the 17th Annual Bingo Bonanza at the Franklin County Shrine Club in Pennsylvania? 

Themed party bingo

Here, you can get quite creative. If you want to host your friends for a cool night of food, drinks, and games, bingo is a great game to add to any dynamic. Before planning your party, select the type of bingo you want to play. Because it’s a party, we suggest 30-ball bingo. Now, create the bingo cards using or creating a template suited to your theme. You can use Canva’s nifty bingo card generator tool to create your cards. With this example, we’ll use 12 hours in Spain. Make sure your bingo cards scream Spain by adding the Spanish flag, paella, and even a picture of sangria. 

Then, ask your guests to come to your home wearing something Spanish. Once you’ve had your tapas, select a Spanish drink you can use for bingo instead of playing just to win. Then make things interesting. Every time someone wins the bingo game, they must chug a glass of sangria. Not only does this spice up the game, but people will get highly competitive in order NOT to win. Since it’s 30-ball bingo, the games will go relatively quickly, meaning you can play multiple games. You can also take it a step further and say that the first two people to win need to down a drink or two.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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