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The New Netflix and Chill: Best TV Shows of 2023 So Far

There’s a period at the end of one year and the beginning of the next when TV shows and movies are scarce. We’re just out of Christmas and just into the New Year, so production releases aren’t running yet, and we’re still overloaded with every horrible Christmas movie that came out during the season. Thankfully, that dry time of year has finally come to an end, and new shows are rolling in once again.

New shows are being released, and we are SO excited to get into a new year of entertainment. It’s the era of the TV show based on a video game, so expect a few of those this year. Some award-winning shows from 2022 are still going strong, animated shows are still releasing new episodes, and reality TV is still as popular as ever. Let’s take a look at the best shows of 2023 so far and why we love them so very much.

The Last Of Us

The most anticipated show of the last few years is finally here, and to everyone’s surprise, it pleases both existing gamer fans and new ones. Originally created as a video game, The Last of Us series follows a visceral, gut-wrenching storyline. An airborne disease is released, and humans are taken over by a deadly pathogen that uses them as hosts to spread itself. The infected humans attack one another and slowly devolve into beasts before being reclaimed by the earth.

The opening of the show introduces us to the protagonist, Joel, and the family he will have to fight for. The show picks up twenty years in the future when the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. Cities are walled in to keep inhabitants safe, and every day is a fight for survival. The show’s release was the subject of much discussion as fiercely protective fans of the game expected a letdown when the story was converted for TV. Thankfully, it has been a raging success thus far. So, who will win, humans or nature?

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is hardly a new show. Currently releasing season 13, Bob’s Burgers follows the life of the Belcher family, father, Bob, mother, Linda, and siblings Tina, Louise, and Gene. The Belchers run a burger joining, and they’re usually more than a little short of rent money…and money in general.

This quirky family has entertained the cartoon-aholics of the world for years, and we’re so glad it’s still going! Bob is the all-American dad: slightly awkward and not inclined to get too involved…but in a loving way. Oddball mom, Linda, loves singing and dramatic overreactions. Gene, the middle one, is a mama’s boy in every possible way and an aspiring musician who marches to the beat of his own drum. Previously zombie-romantic obsessed oldest sister Tina is a bit boy crazy, and last but not least, younger sister Louise is clever, crafty, and very, very sarcastic. Bob’s Burgers is the Saturday morning cartoons for grownups, and we can’t get enough.

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Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Thank the Drag gods, Drag Race is back with us for another season of dragstravaganzas and Rusicals. If you don’t know what those words mean, where have you been? Ru Paul’s Drag Race is hosted by legendary drag queen Ru Paul Charles. Mama Ru and a panel of esteemed judges judge the merits of up-and-coming queens. There are photo and video shoot challenges, acting, dancing, and garment challenges designed to sift the wheat from the chaff and showcase the best drag queen talent in America. The queens must dress to impress for a new theme each week, and those who don’t make the cut have to lipsync for their lives. Drag Race is an institution that showcases the art form of drag, and we live for it!


This is not a documentary about the legendary national park but a fictional series about the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. For those who have been living under a TV-free rock for the last few years, here’s the lowdown! The Duttons of Montana- stoic father, John; eager to please lawyer son, Jaimie; emotional, family man brother Casey and wild-cat, unpredictable sister Beth- are the owners of one of the most expensive cattle ranches in the state. Their one and only goal is to support their patriarch in fighting off the forces, be they natural, commercial, or human, that jeopardize the security of the ranch. They might sound like a family united, but they are divided from within.

This drama is set against the exquisite backdrop of wild Montana and the characters’ lives match the scenery. This ongoing series now has two spinoffs, chronicling the lives of some of the earliest Dutton family members when they settled the land and fought to hold it.

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Wrap Up

These are the shows on our lineup for the year so far; did we miss any good ones?

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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