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Mae Estes announces debut EP ‘Before the Record’ & drops new timeless track ‘Run’

Classic country up-and-comer Mae Estes warns the man vying for her heart of her noncommittal ways in her latest cautionary tale ‘Run’. The timeless tune serves as an instant grat track for her upcoming debut EP ‘Before the Record’ which is out on February 16th. 

“I never expected these lyrics to resonate with so many strangers via socials and live shows, but the anticipation for the release of this song has been amazing,” said Estes. “It might be my friends’ favorite song of mine. Soo years after writing it, I’m so excited to finally officially release it. Turns out I’m not alone in feeling the urge to run from anything that seems like it could be good for me.”

The project will feature previously released “whip-smart barn-burner” (Wide Open Country) “I Quit Smokin,’” “perfectly-textured neotraditional country song” (The Boot) “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin’,” earnest, romance-laced ballad “Your Hands,” and “Die In A Bar” – “a tongue-in-cheek song that proposes that she’ll spend her last moments on Earth in a familiar country music setting” (Taste of Country). Before the Record also includes touching, semi-autobiographical tune “Town Left Me,” which rounds out the six-song EP and offers a “very honest and transparent side of her heart” (The Boot). 

Before the Record Track Listing: 

1. “I Quit Smokin’” (Brett Tyler, Mae Estes, Paul Sikes)

2. “Run” (Mae Estes, Marti Dodson, Paul Sikes)

3. “Your Hands” (Autumn McEntire, Marti Dodson, Matthew Morrisey)

4. “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin’” (Alex Kline, Autumn McEntire, Mae Estes)

5. “Town Left Me” (Autumn McEntire, Mae Estes, Paul Sikes)

6. “Die In A Bar” (Greg Bates, Mae Estes, Mia Mantia, SJ McDonald)

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