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10 songs Madonna needs to include on ‘The Celebration Tour’ set list

Madonna fans have gone into meltdown since the Queen of Pop announced her new tour ‘The Celebration Tour‘.

With tickets on sale now and dates being added due to overwhelming demand, it’s clear that Madonna is as popular as ever. Naturally fans are already speculating about which songs might be included on the set list, especially as the icon has suggested she’ll be singing favourites from across her career.

Now all Madonna fans know that she likes to perform some tracks regularly – ‘La Isla Bonita’ and ‘Human Nature’ for example – and that others barely ever get a look in. I’ve put together a list of 10 songs I really hope she includes when she tours later this year.

Keep reading to find out which songs I’ve chosen and spoiler alert, I’ve not picked the most obvious hits from her career…


‘Everybody’ is such an iconic song and it’s hard to believe that the singer hasn’t performed it in almost 11 years. If she’s really going to celebrate her career then this song has to be part of the set list right? Upbeat and fun, ‘Everybody’ is a great way to celebrate the icon’s fans old and new, and get everybody dancing every night.

‘Over and Over’

‘Over and Over’ was never a single but it remains a total bop from the ‘Like a Virgin’ album. The last time it was performed was on ‘The Virgin Tour’ in 1985 and amazingly the song has never been performed since. I know there are a lot of hits to choose from across Madonna’s early albums but this album track gem is surely a must?


‘Gambler’ was features on the ‘Vision Quest’ soundtrack and it was recently released to streaming services, making fans happy as they’ve been campaigning for it for years. The song was released as a single in the UK and was a Top 20 hit but the singer’s own label blocked it from having a US release. Like ‘Over and Over’, the song hasn’t been performed since ‘The Virgin Tour’ in 1985!

‘Where’s The Party’

I often forget that ‘Where’s the Party’ was never released as a single. It’s one of the songs I grew up with and loved, and as a kid I paid little to no attention as to what was a single and what wasn’t. ‘Where’s The Party’ was last performed during ‘The Blond Ambition’ tour in 1990 and has never graced a set list since.


When I think of vintage Madonna, I inevitably crank up ‘Cherish’ on my speakers. The song is a pure sugar rush of a pop tune and it was last performed in 1990 as part of ‘The Blond Ambition’ tour. I can see on social media that fans have been campaigning hard for this song to be part of the new tour so let’s keep those fingers crossed.

‘Sooner or Later’

Will anything ever beat the performance she did on the Oscars? I doubt it but this is a song that really showcases the singer’s range. Often side-lined when people talk about great female vocalists, ‘Sooner or Later’ showed that Madonna could sing with the best of them. It was a staple of ‘The Blond Ambition’ tour but it’s not been featured on any tour since.

‘Bad Girl’

In my opinion, one of the greatest ballads the Queen of Pop has ever recorded. ‘Bad Girl’ was part of her controversial ‘Erotica’ album and has only ever been performed live once – on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1993. How has it never been part of any set list since? It’s a total injustice and I hope that’s rectified on the new tour.

‘Bedtime Story’

Another song that the singer has only ever performed once – at the BRIT Awards in 1995 – ‘Bedtime Story’ is such an incredible alt-pop song that it deserves to be performed a lot more! Written by Björk, the song is a dreamy ethereal piece of pop that anchored one of her most underrated albums, ‘Bedtime Stories’. Imagine the reaction is she played this!

‘One More Chance’

A single from her ballads collection ‘Something to Remember’, ‘One More Chance’ is a song that has never been performed ever. Not once. No TV performances, no b-side live recordings… NEVER! One of the most vocally challenging songs the singer has ever recorded, ‘One More Chance’ is a gorgeous R&B leaning acoustic ballad that I listen to on repeat still. C’mon Madge, sing it for us!

‘Impressive Instant’

The final song on the list is ‘Music’ album track ‘Impressive Instant’. It should have been a single. Fans love it. What happened?!? It was last performed in 2001 as part of the ‘Drowned World’ tour but surely it’s time to bring it back for ‘The Celebration Tour’? A mish-mash of electronic-pop, ‘Impressive Instant’ deserves way more love!

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.


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