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Josh Pugh – Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh, Chips and Beans Review

Josh Pugh is quickly becoming the voice of a derailed generation with his extremely confident and hilarious hour ‘Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh, Chips and Beans’.

Helping us make sense of the last two years, he expertly engages the room with stories that are familiar yet unique and very funny. Like a full English breakfast, Josh doesn’t overcomplicate his approach and the show delivers exactly what audiences hope for. His show is almost a therapeutic response to ‘what the hell just happened?’ as we assimilate back into post-pandemic life and live comedy.

This is good quality stand-up which has an authentic simplicity only made possible from his talent for the craft.

Like an extra side of hash browns, we are served more than the sum of this show’s parts.

This is because Josh celebrates the everyman, he’s exactly the type of friend you’d want to have in a group chat, who sees the funny side in every situation. 

Be it losing his job overnight and going to work for the Royal Mail or depriving Captain Tom of his centenary gifts, there is a punchline around every corner. 

Without getting too deep, he teaches us how to be lighter and change our perspectives on our own everyday lives, which is a subtle but invaluable gift.

A new dad, having encountered numerous trials and challenges over lockdown, Josh rightfully credits himself as someone ‘who turns up’, no matter what the circumstances, as a hard worker and a grafter. 

However this show merits more than Josh’s attendance alone, it works ten-fold to glide through stories that always surprise. Despite ‘competing with lunch’ in this afternoon slot, it really is the perfect re-introduction to live comedy and should be the first show on your list to see at the Fringe.

His jokes are incredibly well-observed, from the loose cannon friend that you have to pre-warn that they’re on loudspeaker; to the paranoid package holiday dad who immediately stores all his possessions in the apartment’s safe, (‘these people have nothing’); or Covid-19’s social importance being downgraded from BBC to Channel 5 like the TV show Big Brother. 

An hour of exceptionally good stand-up, he gets to the universal joke in any situation. A born-stand-up.

Show: Josh Pugh – Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh, Chips and Beans Venue: Monkey Barrel 4 Time: 2.15pm (60 mins) Date: Until 28 August (except 20th) Ticket price: £8 Ticket link: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/josh-pugh-sausage-egg-josh-pugh-chips-and-beans

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