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Chayce Beckham – “Doin’ It Right” EP review

From the delicate yet confident banjo-infused opening on the rocking “Where The River Goes”, I know California native Chayce Beckham, with his vocal grit, is going to be one of my new favourite discoveries of 2022. Beckham’s co-write includes favoured lyrics like ‘boss…trying to nickel and dime me…I’m just trying to get to where the world won’t find me’.  This is the recognisable and relatable country life. 

Mid-tempo EP title track “Doin’ it Right” follows this strong opener, Chayce’s vocals imploring authenticity in living: ‘I ain’t preaching, just speaking my mind…if you don’t take in the back woods firefly sunset burning up the small town sky…you ain’t doin it right’. Live right, live now.

Imagine Chris Young without Cassadee Pope, only he’s dividing up a whole relationship of memories. This is the gracious job that Chayce has in the power ballad ‘I’ll Take The Bar’, separating one life from another, and he manages it; this is one of the stronger tracks on the EP.

‘Talk to Me’ offers the relationship bridge between a break up and the first energy of new love. Then the banjo returns with fervour in final track ‘Love To Burn’, the picking reminiscent of Keith Urban’s stadium energy, complete with a crowd-participating oh-oh-oh-oh. A kick drum joins the party and we’re already looking forward to an album from Chayce Beckham. 

Katy Perry has said, of the ‘American Idol ‘season 19 winner’s first audition, that Beckham sounds like ‘the heart of America.’ Indeed, Chayce joins an impressive roster of Nashville stars that spring boarded their careers on the US talent show, since Kelly Clarkson first won in 2022, including Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina. Chayce undoubtedly won hearts with his raw, honest, original song, ’23’, addressing his alcohol issues, which I’d hoped to be on this EP. 

However, mid-EP track ‘Tell Me Twice’ is a relaxed ballad, closest in lyric to 23, offering a timely reminder to rest. Each of these six tracks acts to showcase Chayce Beckham’s talent; we’ve only just begun to see this star shine.

If you’re in the US catch Chayce on tour throughout the summer, including joining Jimmie Allen; if you’re Canadian, catch him on tour with Luke Combs. Chayce has also just been confirmed for CMA Fest in June. 

Chayce Beckham - Doin' It Right

Track list: 1. Where The River Goes 2. Doin’ It Right 3. Tell Me Twice 4. I’ll Take The Bar 5. Talk To Me 6. Love To Burn Record label: 19 Recordings / Wheelhouse Records Release date: 15th April 2022

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