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Homeland 8×12 Prisoners of War season finale preview

The latest episode of Homeland, saw Carrie (Claire Danes) go behind Saul’s (Mandy Patinkin) back to try and recover the flight recorder.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Homeland season 8, we suggest you stop reading now. If you don’t mind then please keep reading.

Upon arriving back in the US, Carrie was held by the CIA until Saul pulled some strings to get her out. She was allowed to stay with him until her trial. She was still looking for ways to get the flight recorder back which meant betraying Saul. He made things harder for her by doing everything he could to help her. With Saul running out of options against Russia, Carrie tried to just ask him if he might have a double agent in the Kremlin. He strongly denied it.

After hearing the news of the car bomb, Carrie went to the airport to ambush Jenna (Andrea Bragg) on her return. Jenna understandably wanted nothing to do with Carrie but managed to get her to explain what she was up to. Jenna then tried to go to Saul but upon hearing his support for her changed her mind. She pulled out of her testimony to give Carrie more time and pulled a file that might help her track down the double agent.

With everyone at the White House seemingly hellbent on war with Pakistan, Saul made a move that required asking a favour of Tasneem (Nimrat Kaur). He said if they couldn’t give them Jalal (Elham Ehsas) to at least give them a probable target that they could bomb. She did as he asked and John Zabel (Hugh Dancy) and President Hayes (Sam Trammell) celebrated the strike.

Jenna’s info led Carrie to a man called Andrei Kuznetsov (Sergey Nasibov). Saul had recruited him nearly 40 years ago and he now lived in the US. Carrie told him a false story and in return he told her about his past. He gave information on how Saul used to contact his agents, using red leather-bound books in book shops. He also told of a female English teacher.

A series of flashbacks revealed that Saul (Ben Savage) was in East Berlin in 1986. The English teacher had offered to help as a double agent. Saul initially turned her down but she later saved his life to prove she could be trusted. Back in the present day it was revealed that she worked as a translator for the Russians.

Saul caused a scene at the United Nations, accusing Russia of taking the flight recorder. He was taken out by security and the woman listened in on the Russian conversation afterwards. She passed a message on to Saul using his red leather-bound book technique that read “The price has already been asked. It’s Yevgeny Gromov’s (Costa Ronin) play.”

Meanwhile, Carrie was back at Saul’s looking through his books and linking them to significant Russian intelligence events. She made a call to a woman working for Yevgeny who had earlier reached out to her. The woman picked Carrie up and took her to a mansion where she could talk to Yevgeny via secure video link.

At the end of the episode, Carrie confirmed there was a double agent in the Kremlin but said there was nothing more she could do. Yevgeny pointed out that if she killed Saul she would probably become the agent’s handler. Carrie stormed out.

Watch the Homeland season 8 episode 12 teaser below:

UK viewers can watch the next episode of Homeland season 8 on Channel 4 on Sundays at 9pm. Preview the episode with our gallery below:

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