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Cold Feet series 9 episode 5 recap

Jenny makes a discovery that sends her into a tailspin.

Cold Feet series 9
Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

On the latest episode of Cold Feet, Jenny (Fay Ripley) and Sheila (Sally Rogers) clashed over their mother’s Last Will & Testament.

If you’d prefer to have no spoilers at all for Cold Feet, we suggest you stop reading this article now.

The episode opened up with what looked like some kind of hostage situation. Adam (James Nesbitt) had a megaphone and Robyn (Lucy Robinson) by his side. They were flanked by police and standing outside Adam’s work. Inside his bosses looked worried and then came outside to admit they had made a mistake. It turned out to be a fantasy scene that was playing out inside Adam’s head while he was getting ready for his court tribunal against his previous employers.

Cold Feet - 9x05

Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

At Pete (John Thomson) and Jenny’s, Pete had slept on the sofa and was pondering whether to reply to a message from Sandra (Clair Keelan) asking if he was ok. Jenny and the kids came down and she said she’d made a start on sorting her mum’s room. Jenny said Pete could sleep in her mum’s room once it was done. Pete wasn’t impressed with the couch or the idea of separate rooms but Jenny said she just wanted to get a good night’s sleep. Pete received another message from Sandra asking if they were still friends and he was tempted to reply.

At the office it was the first day of David’s (Robert Bathurst) ex-cellmate Robbie (Tim Dantay). David complimented him on the suit and wondered where he got it. Robbie said he didn’t know until David spotted it still had the store tags on. Roger (Gerald Kyd) came over and tried to poke fun and intimidate a little. Robbie responded by crushing his hand and Roger left them to it. Robbie asked what he was doing there and David said they were to engage in some ‘Blue Sky Thinking’.

At court, Adam tried telling Robyn, who was representing him, how to play things. She told him to be quiet and let her do the talking. She spotted Adam’s bosses and headed over to confront them. Robyn took charge and laid out all the things that Adam’s bosses had done wrong. It worked and they increased their offer from 6 months salary to 12 months.

Cold Feet - 9x05

Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

Meanwhile, Karen (Hermione Norris) said bye to Matt (Ceallach Spellman) and then began tidying the house. She picked some clothes up outside Olivia’s (Daisy Edgar-Jones) room and took them inside. She got a shock after opening the door when she found Olivia in bed with Toby (Jamel Dwyer) from the office. He’d stayed the night and Karen requested a word with her daughter when Toby left. Karen was furious but Olivia explained they hadn’t slept together. They talked and Olivia was confused about whether she wanted to be with Matt or not.

Later, Sheila helped Jenny with sorting through their mum’s room. They chatted about memories that her various possessions reminded them of. Sheila found an envelope and inside they discovered their mother’s Will. They sat down to read it and discovered that she had left everything to Sheila. Sheila was shocked and Jenny was heartbroken. Sheila pointed out that the Will had been written 8 years ago when their mum lived with her. She offered to split everything but Jenny refused due to what was stated in the Will.

Pete went for a walk with Jenny. She was ranting about the Will and upset that she was left out. Pete was happy to hear that Sheila wanted to split things but flipped when Jenny said she refused. She went back home and told Sheila that she’d take her up on the offer and Sheila said she was pleased. However, a little later she did some sums and decided to offer Jenny just 18.6%. Jenny flipped but Pete calmed her down and told her to take whatever Sheila offered.

Cold Feet - 9x05

Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

Adam went to the pub with David and Adam. Pete told the boys that he was tired from sleeping on the couch but that he was moving into Barbara’s room. They joked that he’d be in there permanently and that it would be the end of his sex life. He told them that Jenny wasn’t currently interested in sleeping with him but that she’d given him a free pass to look elsewhere. Pete even mentioned the interest he was receiving from Sandra. Adam and David said she must have been joking. Meanwhile, Jenny was out with Karen telling the same story and said she wasn’t serious and that if he cheated she’d kill him.

At David’s work, Roger gave a presentation on a targeted social media campaign that would enhance the public perception of the company. David suggested that they remove the spikes the company had installed at the entrance to discourage homeless sleeping. Robbie agreed and the pair explained how removing them and donating to a homeless charity would do some good and show people they were a good company. Deborah (Sunetra Sarker) thought it was a better idea and cheaper than the campaign that Roger pitched.

Adam became bored of not working just 2 days into his year off. He decided to do something and announced he was buying an allotment. He arranged a meeting to look at some plots and changed his mind after seeing himself retiring and getting older.

Cold Feet - 9x05

Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

Pete got more messages from Sandra and decided to go round. He told her on the doorstep that he wasn’t looking for an affair or relationship. Sandra said she didn’t want to steal him from Jenny but that she was lonely. She pointed out that he must had needs that weren’t being met at home or he wouldn’t have come round. Pete went inside and she took him to the bedroom. He was nervous and after she kissed him on the neck he apologised and left.

David and Robbie went to the cafe to celebrate the company embracing their idea. Robyn came in for a drink and Robbie noticed that she and David seemed to still have some chemistry. Robbie invited her to come and join them for dinner that evening and she accepted. That evening Robyn and David arrived to find that Robbie had cooked a meal for them. He made his excuses and left them to it. They decided to stay and had a lovely evening together.

Karen let slip to Adam about Olivia and Toby. Adam then decided to tell Matt who obviously confronted Olivia. She was furious at her mother for telling Adam and Karen was furious at Adam for telling Matt.

Cold Feet - 9x05

Credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV

Back home, Pete spoke to Jenny about his ‘free pass’. He explained that he’d rather be with her with no sex than have sex and not be with her. Jenny said it was romantic and that she loved him. She also said she’d spoken to Sheila again and that she’d agreed to 25% of the Will. Jenny offered Pete to come to bed that night.

At the end of the episode, Karen came to bed still a bit annoyed at Adam and he apologised. She said she would have done the same. Adam announced he had decided to not get an allotment. The next morning noise outside woke them up. Adam snuck out of bed with a grin and opened the blinds. He had a surprise for Karen, he’d bought them an old VW camper van that he planned to do up so they could go away together. Karen said she loved it.

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Cold Feet series 9 episodes air at 9pm Mondays on ITV.


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