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Why people don’t like your website

We highlight some of the key reasons your might be turning traffic away.

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Every business owner knows the importance of having a company website, but not all recognise that it’s not enough to simply have a ‘.com’ page.

Having a presence on the web won’t necessarily lead to more sales; it’s what you do with your online presence that counts. In some cases, a company’s website can end up hurting the business, rather than helping it. If you’re going to put significant time, energy, and money into building a website, then it’s important to see a return on that investment.

But it could be that people don’t like your website, all because of easily changeable things. We take a look at some examples of things that can discourage people from using your site.


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They Can’t Find It

You’re going to find it difficult to build a successful website without any visitors. It’s bad enough that people might dislike your website when they’re on your site, but it’s even worse if they’re not even visiting your website because they can’t find it. You’ll need to put a lot of time into ensuring that your website is high-quality, but just as much time should be dedicated to your SEO. It’ll be that which helps push people towards your website. At least give them a chance to like what you have to offer!


Difficult Navigation

You’ll want to put together a website that’s sleek and modern, but it’s important to have a balance. Sometimes, companies try to be too futuristic and end up with a website that is positively impossible to navigate. When you’re putting your website together, make sure that you’re focusing on the user experience as much as the design. This will lead to a better experience for your visitor. It should be intuitive and easy to get around, and also avoid being bloated. You might have the option of adding a lot of pages to your site, but that doesn’t mean that you should take the option!


Simple Errors

Your website should convey professionalism and trust. If it doesn’t, then your company is going to suffer — people aren’t going to stick around for a site that they can’t trust. One of the most common — and avoidable — reasons why this happens is because website owners make simple errors on their site. It’s imperative to work with a copywriter or at least go through your website text line by line, to ensure there are no silly errors. Another mistake people make is with their images. You should try to ensure that it’s a high-quality image. Low-quality images can compromise the look and feel of the site.

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Too Many Pop-ups

You’ve got to make money and get people interested in your site somehow. And that will invariably mean the use of pop-ups. But there’s a fine line between having a few essential pop-ups, and going overboard. If you make your money from advertising, then it’s best to find a way to incorporate the ads in a non-intrusive way. There aren’t too many respectable sites that automatically pop-up adverts these days. A much more accepted practise is to use pop-ups to get people to sign up for your newsletter, but this should also be done in balance. For example, showing a pop-up for your newsletter once, after the person has had a chance to see what you have to offer, is fine. Doing it on every page when your visitor has already said no is not acceptable.


Slow Service

You will have already noticed that we live in an impatient society. This touches all parts of society, including, especially, the internet. When things can be rapidly quick, people don’t have much patience for when things are slow. Even though this is the thing that makes a person hit the ‘x’ button quicker than anything else, many businesses are guilty of this specific issue, yet they don’t even know it. The experience of a visitor to your site will not be the same as your experience of your own site. As such, it’s important that you have a high-quality hosting package, like those available at This will ensure that your website loads quickly for users. Remember: 40% of internet users will abandon a page that takes four or more seconds to load.


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Credit: Pexels

All About You

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your website is all about you, but that’s not really the case. It should really be about your visitors. It should be geared towards them. There’ll be space to talk about your achievements and so on, but that shouldn’t be the crux of the website, simply because there’s only so much that people will want to hear about your company. Instead, your content and offerings should be what your customers want. When it comes to putting together your website content, think about who it benefits. If it weighs too heavily in your favour, then you’ll need to make some changes.


Nothing New

As well as through Google, people will find your website through your social media channels. While you should spend a lot of time curating excellent social media channels, it’s your website that should receive top billing on the priorities list. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages should be vehicles to transport people to your site, so don’t post all your best content there — people need an incentive to visit your website.


A Lack of Updates

You can’t just sit back once your website is finished and expect it to work its magic forever. It’ll be good for a while, but from then on, it’ll need to be managed and updated. It can be as simple as little tweaks to update the design or adding a blog, anything that keeps things fresh. It’s so much that not doing this will make people dislike your website. It’s just that you won’t be giving them anything to like.


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Your website should aid your business, not hinder it. Take the tips above, and people will enjoy spending time on your site.


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