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Doctor Who script editor speaks out in Leeds

Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel is set to speak out about his time on the world’s longest-running science fiction series as part of a unique question-and-answer event in Leeds.

Andrew Cartmel helmed the series at one of its most turbulent, yet arguably creative periods. In 1987, following cancellation and the hurried casting of new Doctor Sylvester McCoy, the writer was tasked with bringing the show back from the brink through a strategy now known as The Cartmel Masterplan.

During his time Andrew oversaw classic adventures with Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, the infamous Candy Man and the ever-reliable Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart.

He would ultimately work on the show for three challenging years whilst it was pitted against ITV giant Coronation Street. It was a battle that the underfunded show could scarcely win, yet his period is now regarded as one of the finest runs in Doctor Who’s history.

Now fans of Doctor Who have the opportunity to hear from Andrew directly as he shares memories of his time on the show, and answers questions about the tricky role of script editor on one of television’s most infamous and celebrated dramas.

Who 77 Productions presents An Afternoon with Andrew Cartmel: The Masterplan Revisited at Headrow House, Leeds on Sunday 12 May at 2pm. Tickets cost £10. Book online at

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