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Happy 4th July! Which diva sang the US anthem best?

Happy Independence Day to all our US visitors!  We are big fans of the Star Spangled Banner and a number American’s finest divas have taken on the tricky number at the annual Superbowl final.  From Cher to Beyonce, Christina to Lady Gaga, each have delivered their own unique take on the US National Anthem with some being applauded and others derided.  We think it’s a tough song to sing, especially with an audience of over 100 million watching at home, on top of a packed stadium of fans and we salute all the divas who’ve taken up the mic.

We’ve picked 10 of our favourite divas who have performed the Star Spangled Banner at Superbowl and now we want to know which one you think delivered the best rendition, so get voting. You can remind yourself of their performances below.


Whitney Houston
[brid video=”263878″ player=”531″ title=”Whitney Houston Star Spangled Banner”]

[brid video=”263879″ player=”531″ title=”Cher StarSpangled Banner (Live at Super Bowl XXXIII 1999)”]

Mariah Carey

[brid video=”263881″ player=”531″ title=”Beyonc USA National Anthem Live Super Bowl 2004 HQ”]

Jennifer Hudson
[brid video=”263882″ player=”531″ title=”Jennifer Hudson National Anthem”]

Christina Aguilera
[brid video=”263883″ player=”531″ title=”Christina Aguilera National Anthem (Live at Super Bowl XLV 2011)”]

Kelly Clarkson
[brid video=”263884″ player=”531″ title=”Kelly Clarkson sings National Anthem at the Super Bowl XLVI 2012″]

Alicia Keys
[brid video=”263886″ player=”531″ title=”Alicia Keys Sings the National Anthem at the Super Bowl”]

Lady Gaga
[brid video=”263887″ player=”531″ title=”Lady Gaga National Anthem Super Bowl 2016″]

[brid video=”263888″ player=”531″ title=”P!nk Belts Out the National Anthem! Super Bowl LII NFL Pregame”]

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