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Emmerdale Spoilers: Lachlan convulses

It was a dramatic, yet comedic Christmas in Emmerdale, but what has New Year’s week got in store for the village’s residents?  Read on to find out:

Lachlan convulses

Like a knight in slightly tainted armour (probably more like a hoodie), Lachlan came to Belle’s aid on her birthday offering her a legal high pill which helped silence the voice of Gemma that Belle appears to have been hearing recently.  With a new found confidence, she takes up Katie’s offer of a job at the stables however, it’s clear she’s still not coping and when a client leaves after recognising her, she is emotionally and mentally tortured. She heads to Home Farm to ask Lachlan for more pills in a bid to mute ‘Gemma’ and leaves feeling relaxed.

Later in the week, she panics when she realises that one of her pills is missing.  Meanwhile, Samson finds it and tells Lisa and Zak he’s seen Belle with one.  Zak is fuming and throws her remaining pills in the bin, but as everyone celebrates New Year, a desperate Belle is left rummaging through the rubbish.  Once again she turns to Lachlan to get her more pills and whilst there she urges him to try one with her.  Lachlan struggles with the effects of the pill and just as Belle is ready to open her heart and tell him everything, he starts fitting and ends up lying motionless.

He’s taken to the hospital where Belle admits to Chrissie that Lachlan was the one providing the pills leaving Chrissie thrown and furious at Robert for leaving Lachlan alone at home.

Nicola’s baby blues

Nicola & Jimmy
Credit: ITV

As word starts to get out about Nicola’s pregnancy things take a dark turn when she starts bleeding whilst at Bernice’s party and is rushed to the hospital.  Blaming herself, Nicola struggles to tell Rodney or Jimmy the news.

When she finally builds up the courage, Jimmy is left hurt and shocked, but tries to reassure her.  However, Nicola has another bombshell for Jimmy, but what is it that she needs to tell him?

Finn to reunite with his mother?

Emma & Finn Barton
Credit: ITV

Harriet has thrown herself fully into tracking down Finn’s estranged mother, Emma, and this week it looks like she’s struck gold.  Enjoying playing at detective again (and thinking this could be a new career path now that she’s been kicked out of the church) Harriet reveals to Finn she has found his mother.

A conflicted Finn later stands outside Emma’s house when he suddenly spots her.  Victoria, Val and Eric are all on edge wondering what he’ll do.  Does he have the courage to confront his mum after all these years?


Megan Macey, Charity Dingle & Jai Sharmar
Credit: ITV

Megan admits to Charity she knows about Jai kidnapping her.  Will Charity’s harsh words manage to throw doubt in to her mind about her future with Jai?

Laurel and Marlon try to get their relationship back on track, but can it work if Donna is still haunting them?

Robert tells Aaron that their affair must end after he gets married, leaving Aaron pretending not to be hurt.  Meanwhile, Katie is suspicious that Robert might be cheating on Chrissie.

Pearl and Paddy try to out do each other on the money-making stakes.

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