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Emmerdale Spoilers: Moira is run off the road

Want to know what to expect in this week’s action packed Emmerdale? Course you do – read on.

Moira is run off the road

It’s Cain’s 40th birthday and he’s his usual grumpy self, thinking that no fuss has been made;  unaware that Moira has a planned a surprise party where all the guests will have Cain masks on.

When he turns up to the party, Moira is nowhere to be seen and when Cain tries calling her he’s alarmed to get through to a nurse, who informs him that she’s been run off the road.  The perpetrator turns out to be Kirin, who following a row with Vanessa, drunk drove home from a party and confesses to Rakesh that he thinks he may have hit someone.

Kirin is petrified when he hears Cain is on the warpath for whoever hurt Moira and doesn’t help himself when he takes his damaged car to Cain’s garage.  It’s not long before Cain has put all the pieces together and starts laying in to Kirin in pure rage.  Rakesh manages to step in and threatens to call the police, making Cain back down.

Moira is shocked to learn it was Kirin that did it and it’s down to Vanessa to beg her not to call the police.

Charity goes to confess

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Cain is shocked to hear from Charity that Debbie is trying to force her to make a confession in order to shop her to the police.  Charity admits that DI Bails and her have grudges from their past.  She decides she needs to do the right thing to get Debbie back on side and goes to the police station to confess, but will she go through with it and can DI Bails be trusted to let Pete off the hook?

Feeling protective of Charity, Cain decides to use the situation with Kirin to blackmail Rakesh into representing her.  When Kirin learns of this, he offers Cain money instead to get the right kind of lawyer (Rakesh is a corporate lawyer), but is he playing with fire?

Robert and Aaron share a kiss?

Aaron & Robert
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The tension between Robert and Aaron is palpable ever since Robert forced him to stage a robbery at Home Farm.  Robert is still nervous when he sees Aaron chatting to Chrissie and doesn’t impress Aaron with his game playing.  Chrissie overhears Vanessa laying into Leyla over all the terrible things she’s done in the past.  Meanwhile, Aaron invites a defensive Robert for a drink, but he refuses.

Later in the week, Robert is stressed by Chrissie’s accusations Leyla is flirting with him.  Feeling frustrated with how things are at home, he pulls into a layby and gets in touch with Aaron, claiming his car has broken down.  Aaron is sceptical there is anything wrong with Robert’s car and shocked when Robert kisses him.

Robert suddenly has second thoughts and pushes Aaron off him before driving off, leaving Aaron very confused.  Robert heads straight back to Home Farm and is soon in a passionate embrace with Chrissie.  Afterwards Robert goes to find Aaron to explain the kiss and makes an admission, but can he trust Aaron to keep quiet?

Highs and lows for Harriet

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Ex-policewoman Harriet, decides to turn detective once more when she hatches a plan to help Ali and Ruby to search for Rachel.  A flattered Ashley is excited to be invited to an ex-police colleague’s retirement party by her, unaware that she’s roping him in to her plot to steal DI Bails swipe card and have a nosey at Rachel’s file.  Harriet succeeds in her mission, but is oblivious to the CCTV camera.

Ashley receives a card from old flame Carole saying her divorce has come through and he decides to use this to test how Harriet feels about him.  Harriet learns of his plan to make her jealous and isn’t happy, leaving Ashley to turn to one of his ex-wives for help.  Drastic measures are needed!

Meanwhile, Kerry gets Harriet to help her with Ali and Ruby’s hen do with the brides-to-be taken aback to see the pub decorated especially for them, but who’s that rather manly lady that Harriet is snogging?

Harriet, Ali & Ruby
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As the wedding day arrives, it looks like it’s not going to happen as the registrar has died, but Harriet boldly suggests they still have a blessing and then actually tells them they should just go the whole hog and she marry them.  Ashley worries that without the Bishop’s permission Harriet will get in to trouble, but that’s the least of her worries.

Firstly, Belle flips out in the church as Ruby and Ali walk down the aisle, as the church reminds her of Gemma.  Then the police arrive and DI Bails arrests Harriet.


Laurel & Marlon
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Marlon is encouraged when April starts to decorate Donna’s grave, but is less impressed when she invites Ross to help.  Should he let Ross in to her life if it helps her and what will Laurel think if he does?

Brenda goes public on Jimmy’s big problem.

Jai confesses to a horrified Megan the real story behind him getting Archie back.

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