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Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity takes Maxine for a ride

It’s another busy week ahead in that sleepy little village of Emmerdale.  Read on to find out who’s leaving, who’s settling in and who wishes they’d not messed with Moira.

Charity takes Maxine for a ride

Aaron goes behind Moira’s back by telling Cain all about Maxine and her extortion scam.  Cain is annoyed with Moira for not telling him and even more annoyed when he learns that she might have just made things worse for Adam by making an official complaint.

It seems Moira has made a mistake when she goes to the hospital and sees Adam’s beaten up state and although he puts on a front he is clearly worried about the situation.   Back at the farm James finds some dead cows, could this be coincidence or another warning from Maxine?

Cain and Aaron decide it’s time to pay Maxine a visit and let her know she’s messing with the wrong family.  Meanwhile, back at the farm Moira finds a hooded figure in the house and attacks them, soon realising who it is and promptly blaming them for the whole mess unknowing that Charity has heard the whole thing.

Cain decides enough is enough, taking a bound Maxine to a container site where he plans to rehome her, but he is taken by surprise when Charity and Debbie turn up and it looks like Charity has plans of her own.  She takes Maxine for a hell ride taking both their lives in her hands, recklessly driving fast and making it clear she has nothing to lose.  Maxine begs for her life saying she’ll leave Moira alone, but Charity doesn’t believe her and slams the car to a stop before dragging her to a nearby field.  What is she going to do next?

Ali’s pregnancy fears send Ruby packing

Ruby & Ali
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Spurred on by Ameila, Ruby prepares herself to propose to an unsuspecting Ali.  Unfortunately, the latter gets accidently hit in the in the nose by Kerry and ends up going to hospital where the doctor routinely asks Ali if she could be pregnant leaving Ali to admit she’s unsure.  Little does she know that Kerry was eavesdropping.

Ruby’s world falls apart and she tells Ali and Ameila that she’s leaving for Leeds and doesn’t think she’ll ever be back.  As she says her goodbyes, Ali drops her front and breaks down to Dan.

The Sugden brothers’ feud continues

Lawrence, Robert & Andy
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A bitter sibling rivalry is raging this week as Andy realises Robert only offered him a job at Home Farm to make a point to Lawrence and so he decides to take the job to spite him.  Robert’s shocked and Katie’s uncomfortable about Andy working there, but also gets the idea of moving her horses back to the farm and is delighted when Lawrence agrees.

Meanwhile, Robert’s fiancé Chrissie is finding out more about what happened with Robert and Katie from blabbermouth Kerry and decides to put the pair in close quarters at the stables.  Will her test of trust come out the way she wants it to or will she see something she doesn’t want to when she deliberately arrives at the stables to spy on them?


Vanessa & Kirin
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Kirin invites Vanessa to a party, saying all his mates are dying to meet her, but how will she cope?

Laurel confides in Nicola that her and Marlon didn’t have sex on their honeymoon.

Jimmy is left holding the baby when Juliette drops Carl off saying she needs to get some sleep.

Chas learns Lisa’s secret and urges her to see sense.



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