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Emmerdale Spoilers: Megan continues Charity witch hunt

Welcome to our look ahead to what’s going down in Emmerdale this week and it’s full of drama and stress for Charity.  Read on…

Megan continues Charity witch hunt

Megan and Jai are on the hunt for evidence to prove Charity aborted Declan’s baby and manage to hack into her bank account, showing she made a payment to the Abortion Clinic.  Marching round to deliver the news to Declan, they are surprised to learn that he already knows as he informs them that it was actually Debbie who had the abortion, but not before fists fly!  Megan is under a restraining order and the police arrive to arrest her, it seems Charity has dodged another bullet.

A fuming Megan returns from the police station and confronts a blissful Debbie and Pete in The Woolpack about her aborting his baby causing Pete no end of confusion and leaving Debbie frustrated because she can’t tell the truth for fear of dropping her mum in it.  She follows Pete home and tries to explain the real story, but he doesn’t know whether to believe her and thinks it might have aborted Ross’ baby.

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Charity is seemingly under a lot of stress with her web of lies causing havoc, but Declan is showing his caring side and doting on his beloved wife.  News reaches the pair that her trucks have been trashed and she is quick to blame Megan who later turns up at Home Farm with Jai to collect Noah causing more grief.  As Jai and Charity argue the toss, Megan slips into the kitchen and makes a beeline for a bottle of pre-opened wine, but Noah has followed her and tells her that it’s not hers.  He later takes the wine with him to meet Jacob, who’s playing football, and takes a couple of swigs before things take a sinister turn and he collapses.

At the hospital, tests confirm that Noah has had an allergic reaction to a pesticide and as they try to work out how he would’ve been exposed to it, the finger of blame is being pointed at Megan after Noah tells Charity that she had the wine in the kitchen.

Aaron is free and getting to know the Barton brothers

Aaron, Finn & Victoria
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It’s the week of Aaron’s sentencing and after overhearing a worried Chas and Paddy, Edna feels guilty for phoning the police on him, so goes to visit him in prison to make a shocking admission of how a man once took his own life in a place like this because of her, leaving him stunned.

She needed worry though as Aaron receives a suspended sentence and is soon celebrating in The Woolpack where everyone is happy to see him, everyone apart from Ross that is.  He squares up to him menacingly and seems determined to cause trouble, leaving Cain to warn James to get his lad under control and leave Aaron alone.  It seems that whilst he’s trying to  keep one of his sons away, another can’t get close enough.  The morning after, Victoria catches Finn sneaking down the stairs as he tries to kiss a hungover Aaron, but it’s awkward.  Is Aaron already regretting it?

Leyla tells Jai can’t stay away from each other

Leyla & Jai
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When Leyla tells Jai it’s over, he just wants her even more and tells her that he will leave Megan, as she’s lost it anyway over this whole business with Charity.  However, when he gets up the courage to tell Megan, she crumbles over the stress of everything and he bottles it.  Later he manages to sneak a kiss with Leyla but with Megan arriving suddenly will the game be up?

Meanwhile, Alicia decides to set Leyla up with Colin the fridge man forcing Leyla to let it slip that she has already got a man which makes her and Priya suspicious over just who her new love interest is.    Priya is later horrified when she finds out from Rakesh that it’s none other than her brother Jai and wants to have it out with him, but Rakesh talks her round for the sake of a blissful family.


As his health-kick continues, Jimmy is flustered when Nicola suggests they join a gym together and tries to put her off, but she’s insistent!  He decides to fight back by making her a healthy but unappetising meal, declaring they have gone vegan, but Nicola later discovers he’s not been eating as well as he’s been making out.

Following the nearly aborted wedding, Marlon is finding it hard to get quality alone time with Laurel now that her dad is staying with them and they still don’t quite know what’s going on with him.  It’s time for Doug to come clean.

Ross decides he needs to get away so tells Finn that he’s leaving the village for a while and after an emotional moment with James (who gives him some money too), he heads off in to the sunset.  Is this the last we’ll see of the bad boy?

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