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Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron turns himself in?

Welcome to our weekly look ahead to what’s happening in that quietest of Yorkshire villages, Emmerdale.  Read on to find out what’s going to happen to Ross, Aaron, Marlon and more.

Aaron’s turns himself in?

After Edna’s phone call to the police last week and with lots of police in the village for Donna’s funeral, Aaron’s on borrowed time.  Cain hatches a plan to throw the police off the scent and it seems to have worked when he is spotted down south, but then things go awry when Aaron is spotted by PC Stone and makes a run for it.

He ends up in none other than Edna’s house and has to wait to see whether she’ll hide him or turn him in.  In the end it doesn’t matter as Aaron decides the only thing to do is to turn himself in and end all the hassle that he’s caused whilst still protecting his best mate Adam.

When Adam sees what Aaron has done he decides it’s time he made a confession of his own to everyone in The Woolpack, but just what does he reveal?

Ross and Marlon clash at Donna’s Funeral

Ross & Marlon
Credit: ITV

It’s the week of Donna’s funeral and emotions are running high.  Things are not helped with Marlon distraught that April is missing and is about to tell the police everything, for fear this is retaliation from one of Gary North’s henchmen.  Turns out it’s Ross that finds April and he cannot hide his sorrow when she keeps asking for her mummy.  Will Ross make it in time to stop Marlon revealing all?  Does he even care?

Ross is still determined to tell everyone the truth at Donna’s funeral after Police hail her a hero.  Both Debbie and Cain try to talk him out of going and Marlon tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s not to attend.  Cain is a man of few words and lots of action, so he seizes an opportunity and locks Ross in the garage, but being handy with an axe, Ross doesn’t let that stop him and is soon being wrestled by Marlon to stop him entering the church.

He ends the week packing his bags as Debbie tries to talk him out of it and the pair share an intimate moment.

Meanwhile, Laurel is feeling dejected and that she can’t compete with a dead woman as Marlon seems obsessed with Donna.  He suggests moving the wedding forward, but then makes an excuse to get out of a wedding planning meeting.  How much more of his neglect can Laurel take?

Kerry’s back!

Dan & Kerry
Credit: ITV

As Kerry returns from her trip abroad, it’s clear she’s been missing Dan like crazy, but is she woman enough to fess up to him?  Of course not!  Instead, Kerry starts talking about all the men she met on holiday in an attempt to make him jealous.

It’s up to Sean to step in and attempt to reconcile the pair but unfortunately things don’t quite go to plan!


Pete & Debbie
Credit: ITV

Pete plucks up the courage to tell Debbie they should move in together but will she accept?  She has been spending a lot of time with Ross lately and the pair have previous when it comes to kissing…

Vanessa decides to keep seeing Kirin but how long will it be before their secret gets out and what will the village think of her having a toy boy?

Ashley is back from his holiday with Carole and confides in Harriet that it might be best if he and Carole were just friends.  Little does he expect Carole’s husband to turn up!

Finn makes his peace with James but is torn as to whether he should tell him that he’s looking for his mum.  When he gets a reply online from someone claiming to be his mother, Victoria’s suspicious and decides to tell James for him.



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