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Emmerdale Spoiler: Doug returns!


When Doug Potts left Emmerdale to rekindle life with ex-wife Hilary it was only a matter of time before he would return to visit daughter Laurel.  With Laurel’s impending wedding has Doug returned for moral support or does he have another reason?

Landlady Diane is intrigued Doug is back but could it stir up some old feelings for these friends?  And with Doug’s new way of earning dosh could Diane start to see him in a new light?

Sensible Doug had his heart broken by Diane who shunned him for the more exciting Charlie who wooed Diane and then robbed her blind in one of the soap’s best ‘didn’t-see-that-coming’ twists yet!

Duncan Preston commented: “It is lovely to be back in Yorkshire as part of the Emmerdale family. It feels like I have come home and I’m really excited about what is ahead for Doug”.

Duncan will first appear back in Emmerdale from 9 September as a regular character.

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