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Love or Whatever DVD review

Corey (Tyler Poelle) is ready to propose to his long-time boyfriend Jon (David Wilson Page) and is given a deadline to do the deed by his pushy sister Kelsey (Jennifer Elise Cox). Before he gets the chance to ask, Jon dumps him and reveals that he cheated on Corey with a woman. With Corey’s life now in tatters, he embarks on a journey to discover who he really is and finds himself connecting with cute pizza guy Pete (Joel Rush) which could be what he needs to move on.

Love or Whatever is a heart-warming romantic comedy that sees all of its central characters embroiled in the main plot. When Corey is dumped by Jon for Melissa (Jenica Bergere), it’s soon revealed to the viewer that Melissa is a patient of Corey’s providing one of many complications to how the plot unfolds. Add into that the introduction of Pete who is first seen delivering pizza to Corey and Jon, and then becomes a potential love interest for Corey.

There are times within the film’s story that are predictable but because it’s so enjoyable it doesn’t really matter. You know from the beginning that Jon leaving Corey isn’t the end of their story and it takes a twist you’ll see coming a mile off but it’s still a fun moment that provides a lot of comedy. More importantly that moment provides perspective and clarity for Corey that leads the film to its emotive finale.

Love or Whatever
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Tyler Poelle is perfectly cast as the hapless Corey and his performance is one of the strongest here. He has a strong chemistry with Jennifer Elise Cox who plays his sister Kelsey and he has believable chemistry with both David Wilson Page and Joel Rush. Perhaps the most surprising performance here comes from Joel Rush who originally was a contestant on US reality show True Beauty back in 2009. As well as being beautiful, he’s a solid actor and he gives an endearing performance as hunky Pete.

Fans of The Office should keep their eye out for Kate Flannery aka Meredith who makes a small cameo at the beginning of the film.

Love or Whatever is an enjoyable rom-com that has its heart in the right place. Strong performances from the cast elevate the film above average and give it a zippy pace that makes it breeze by enjoyably. Love or Whatever is a classic rom-com more in the tradition of Cinema 175’s films Is It Just Me? and eCupid. If you liked those films, you’ll love this one.

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