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The Voice UK battle rounds week 2 recap

We’re back for more battles! The coaches settle in their red chairs and ever-glamorous Emma and Marv take to the stage. Team Ricky is opening the show and he pits Chris against Jamie. If you’ll recall Chris has the epic falsetto and Jamie is the platinum haired rocker Jersey boy. Ricky gives them ‘Rollin in the Deep’ and in rehearsals they battle rock’n’roll rasp against falsetto, Ricky describes it as serpent versus lion! On stage both acts really go for it and we think Ricky has a tough call with these two, Chris edges it for us.  Ricky talks about power versus emotion, Will talks about miso noodles. Ricky puts Chris through to the next round.

Moving to on to Team Minogue. Kylie teams up Rachael and Amelia, who are both 16. Kylie gives them the rather confusing ‘Holy Grail’ to sing. It’s unclear who will do the rapping! The girls are keen to give it more oomph but Kylie wants them to keep it simple.  We really like Rachael and want her to go through but we are impressed by both girls voices. Kylie chooses Rachael but says how much she hoped one of the other coaches would be able to steal Amelia. P.s we really think Rachel looks like Amy Adams.

Over to Team Will, he is looking for ‘amazingness’.  His next pairing is Kiki DeVille and James, he gives them ‘Because the Night’ to sing. Kiki is a burlesque diva and James is a shy, androgynous and so interesting, we absolutely loved his blind audition performance. It’s a really good pairing and we think Kiki’s experience shows but we want to see more of James. Kiki calls Will ‘Willderbeast’ and encourages him into ‘boylesque.’ At the critical decision moment Will decides he needs a wee and runs off stage, BBC flash up the hashtag #whereswilly! Finally he chooses James. Still no stealing from Kylie.

Team Tom’s turn. The Silver Bear pairs Amy Winehouse fan Melissa and Danny McFly’s sister Vicky. Tom gives them The Supremes classic ‘Keep Me Hanging On’ but the girls aren’t keen so Tom changes the song to Pink’s hit ‘Learn to Love Again.’ The bright haired ladies sing really well together and it’s a tough call, Melissa bounces strangely and it’s distracting so we will opt for Vicky but its Melissa that Tom takes through.

Taking his team back into battle now is Ricky. Judo champion Max will take on Miles and Ricky gives them The Beatles classic Eleanor Rigby. Ricky is aghast that Miles doesn’t know the song very well.  The boys wield their guitars on stage and Ricky says ‘Max is dangerous and he likes it’. No one can resist a bad boy! We admit to having a little crush on both of these two so don’t really mind who goes through. Its Max that Ricky chooses.

We’re back to Team Will. Mr i.am unleashes the jazz battle we have all been waiting for (?)putting retro loving Sophie-May with the winner of Will’s last place Cherie Prince. They sing The Cure’s ‘Lovecats’ which is literally one of our favourite songs ever. Cherie’s experience shines but we think Sophie-May has bags of potential. Will says he wants to work with both of them but for tonight he goes for Sophie-stication! Will Kylie finally use her steal to get a Cherie for her team? Nope.

Back to Kylie. BTW we really think the BBC should have split these battle shows over more episodes. So many battles!! She pairs Jamie with Joe but they struggle to compete because of their bromance. The boys sing ‘Counting Stars’ and look tres smart in their braces and waistcoat. We like Jamie because he really gives it some welly but the boys voices really complement each other. Kylie gets very upset at this one but ultimately opts for Jamie.

Back to Will’s team, Femi will take on Iesher. Femi has super smooth vocals and we are reminded of his difficult past and homelessness. Will worries that Iesher’s face is a bit ‘Mona Lisa’. He worries that he has paired up two artists that both really deserve to go though. It’s the best battle we have heard so far tonight and Will says he is blown away. Will eventually opts for Iesher, which we are really suprised by because Will seemed to have a soft spot for Femi. Will Kylie finally steal? Femi tries his best to persuade her by serenading her with his life story. It works, Kylie has finally stolen!! We love it when she says singing at her was irrelevant, she was always going to want him. Adorable.

Now it’s single mum of four Laverne against statement glasses wearer Georgia. Tom gives them 22 by Taylor Swift, which is a terrible choice. Laverne struggles to connect with the song because she isn’t 22 and it’s clear these ladies haven’t bonded. We’re not that fussed about either of these but Georgia gives the more ‘Taylor Swift’ performance and it’s her that through to the knockouts.

Back to Team Minogue for sister act Gemyni and sultry first-round-side-split-dress Jade. They are given ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ Kylie tells them to be lionesses. We not sure either act really gives it enough Britney and, we hate to say it but, it’s a bit warbly. We vote Gemyni just because it would be nice to have a duet in the next round but Kylie crowns Jade the winner. Team Kylie is complete!

We’re back to Team Tom, who pairs Gary with Elesha. Elesha has been to this stage before with former act Nutana, will that give her the edge? In rehearsals Tom sports an epic paisley cravat and sage velvet jacket. The duo perform ‘Caught Up’ by Usher; another unexpected choice. We find it a bit lack lustre and are not too bothered about seeing either of them in the next round. Tom goes for Gary and poor Elesha goes home again. Team Tom is done! Two to go…

Ricky’s final pairing is 16 year old Essex girl Luciee-Marie and 18 year old Jazz, who has our fave hair in the competition. He gives them the Bruno Mars song Grenade to work with. We find Lucy rather annoying when she fawn over Katie B and so does Jazz. Jazz is rocking a bit of a Tina Turner vibe on stage and we hate to say it but we think Luciee is the more memorable of the two.  Will says it was ‘freakin awesome’ and Ricky puts through Jazz. Team Ricky is complete and this marks the end of the battle round. The coaches 7 acts will next compete in the knock-out round, the final step before the live shows.

Louise McKenna
Louise McKenna
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