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Emmerdale weekly: Sam on the hunt & more

We round-up all of action from this week’s Emmerdale.

Sam Dingle

Here at EF we love our soaps and none more so than Emmerdale.

With a host of likable and loathsome characters, witty lines and heartfelt stories, it’s really blossomed in the last few years.

We thought it was about time that we provided the busy EF reader with a weekly recap on our favourite soap in case you missed it this week.

Sam goes on the hunt

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Sam Dingle is still distraught over Rachel’s abdication and his family’s reaction but this week he finds an unlikely supporter in Jai who gives him money to go and find Rachel under the ruse that he will pay for best solicitor for Rachel when Sam finds her and brings her back to face arson charges.  In reality Jay just wants his son Archie back and will let Rachel rot in jail.  His words not ours! 

Before she left Rachel told her sister Ali the truth about the fire and how Charity and Declan were forcing her to confess in order to save Sam.  With everyone in the village slating Rachel, Ali, who generally struggles to control her council estate temper, was unable to keep the secret and entrusted ex-husband Dan.  The end of last week saw the pair trying to convince Megan that Declan started the fire which only led to Dan receiving a beating and a warning from Declan’s hired thugs.  It seems to have worked though as Dan convinces Ali to drop it in order to protect their kids from a similar beating.  Dan even goes the extra mile to proclaim Rachel’s guilt in order to save Charity from a determined Cain who is caught dunking Charity’s head in the kitchen sink to get her to confess – who said witch hunts were a thing of the past!

Are you positive Val?

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Val is having a tough week.  Racked with guilt that she might have HIV from a fling two years ago in Portugal, she is panicked when husband Eric comes down with a flu like illness that doesn’t seem to be improving.  Convinced she has passed on HIV to him and it’s now killing him she seeks out her Portugal fling again to ask questions only to be spied by Eric who was faking the illness all along just to get the attention from Val.  Enraged that she’s still having an affair he tells her he wants her out the house.  When Victoria hears from Eric what’s going on she runs round to their house to confront Val only for her to finely confide that she has HIV.  Except of course Val hasn’t actually had the test so she can’t say for sure.  Despite Victoria’s best efforts to make her have the test and to tell Eric the truth, Val is taking the ostrich approach (very familiar in soap land!) and burying her head in the sand hoping it’ll all just go away of its own accord.

Could be wurst?

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Bernice’s attempts to woo James Barton are encouraged by Nicola and Jimmy and she throws an October Fest style beer festival in the Woolpack.  Of course it doesn’t go well with an excess of James’ sausages but not the kind perhaps Bernice had her eye on, and a no show from the man himself.

That’s because James has his hands full and fists clenched back at the farm where a drugs scandal ends in him punching his bad boy middle son Ross.  Turns out it is actually older son Pete that’s been peddling pills to keep the family in the red.  Ross is used to taking the flack and tells his dad he hates him then packs his bags and leaves.

Despite all the drama life settles down again on the farm with James bringing in a deal that would make a lot of money for him and Moira and also tie the two closer together in a more permanent partnership  – we’d hate to be the one to tell Cain who has already warned James to take his boys and leave.   James’ intentions to Moira still seem more than just business oriented to us. 

Brenda caught blonde wigged

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Brenda’s shoplifting spate has gone a few steps too far this week when she steals a customer’s purse in the cafe and it leads to bob pointing the finger of blame at Ruby who quits and storms out.  However, after Brenda gets her comeuppance when she dons a blonde wig and tries to use another customer as a decoy in an electrical store.  The store detective has clocked her and knows exactly what she’s been up to and it’s off to the police station despite her best efforts to explain her recent run of bad luck.  Upon returning to the village she still can’t bring herself to tell Bob and clear Ruby’s name in the process. 

House moves galore

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

When Alicia finally gets round to asking Layla to move out, preferably out of the area, Layla ends up asking old pal Katie for a room.  Only problem is that she’s not got enough cash, that is until her son Jake gives Layla his savings so she can afford to move in and stay in the village.  I wouldn’t want to be near Alicia when she realises what Jake has done.

Plus the Barton boys are all change this week as prior to the drugs scandal Pete and Adam agree to move in with Andy but in the end it’s reluctantly that Andy gives Ross a chance instead of Pete, with Pete remaining at the farm with his dad.  We wouldn’t mind sleeping in Andy’s now, nothing to do with three of the soaps most handsome residents under one roof!

If you only have time for one episode this week

Make it Thursday’s second show, well ideally the last few minutes of first Thursday episode too.  That way you’ll catch the new Barton boys in meltdown as fists fly, Alicia dressed as what Marlon describes as a ‘Scary Lederhosen Hobbit Man’ and our fave moment of the week – Nicola pushing a drunken Jimmy off a stool!

Bubbling under

Stories that are being hinted at this week include:

Layla’s suspicions are piqued over Priya’s strange behaviour around food.  Will she figure out Priya’s anorexic secret before it’s too late?  We’ll have to wait and see as the weeks progress.

Charity and Declan have been faking a romance to fit in with their story and so that they can split the insurance money Declan is due to receive from the fire at Home Farm but is Declan starting to believe their play acting?  He seems to be making genuine advances at Charity this week but she’s yet to succumb.  Could two of the shows biggest villains be about to fall for each other for real?


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