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Dancing On Ice final: live blog

Tune into our live final blog starting at 7pm tonight.

Dancing on Ice

20:59 – It’s all over for another year. What a fantastic series it’s been for Dancing On Ice. We can’t wait until next year. Thanks to all of you for tuning into our recaps and live blogs this season. We’ve had a great time and we hope you have too.

20:57 – Congratulations to Beth. We think that Bolero clinched it for her.

20:55 – And the winners are…..Beth Tweddle and Dan Whiston!

20:54 – Beth said the worst moment was losing Gareth last week and admitted there were too many best moments to mention.

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20:53 – Matt’s worst moment was being in the skate-off and his best is meeting Brianne and the rest of the celebs.

20:52 – This recap is going on too long. We just want to know who won. The suspense is killing us!

20:48 – We don’t want a recap of the series! We want to know who’s bloody won! Come on!!

20:43 – Last chance to vote now so pick up your phones people!

20:41 – Torvill and Dean are happy with Matt’s version of the Bolero too. Who’s going to win?

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20:40 – Robin said it’s been an incredible night full of incredible performances. Karen said the chemistry between Matt and Brianne is the best she’s seen on the show. Ashley said she got lost in the performance and called it a fantastic way to end the show. Jason said that Matt dares to be different and said Matt is his champion.

20:38 – A very different take from Matt and Brianne. Was it enough to beat Beth?

20:37 – Now it’s Matt’s turn.

20:36 – Jayne was moved by the performance and Christopher said it was perfect. No easy thing to impress those two legends!

20:35 – Robin said that the routine was intense and commented that they did a great job. Karen said it was all about the passion and the performance marked their journey. Ashley said it was sexy, sultry and fantastic. Jason said that Beth’s performance was beautiful.

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20:34 – That was mighty impressive. Beth threw in plenty of tricks there and she skated beautifully. This is going to be really tough.

20:32 – Beth is the first up. The celebs have choreographed their own version of Bolero with their pro partners.

20:31 – Archive footage of Torvill and Dean winning Olympic Gold. It’s 30 years since they won that!

20:30 – The final Mr Selfridge after tonight’s Dancing On Ice final. ITV are spoiling us tonight.

20:21 – Ah it’s good to see Keith back. He’s been the star of the show this year hasn’t he? Like a cat with 9 lives he surpassed all of our expectations!

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20:20 – Samia has finally admitted she’s romancing Sylvain. Like we didn’t know. Stay out of the way of Jennifer Metcalfe Samia…

20:19 – Shayne ripped his short open again. SCORE. Good to see all the celebs back and skating with their pro partners. Thankfully Mark Hanretty didn’t have any mishaps this time round!

20:15 – Spin Pammy spin but be careful you don’t fall out of that top!

20:13 – All the celebs are going to be skating next then we find out who will be finishing in third place tonight. We reckon it’ll be Luke.

20:08 – Matt is way ahead on the leader board tonight. Pick up the phones people and vote!

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20:07 – Jayne is a big fan of Matt. Christopher just ruined it using the awful phrase ‘amazeballs’. We wish that would die already. It wasn’t cool when Perez first coined it.

20:06 – Robin said that Matt fed from the energy in the room and told him he was ready for the Bolero. Jason said he loves Matt saying he matches Brianne in intensity (he also called her the best of the pros). Karen pleaded with people to vote for Matt and said it was one of his best performances.

20:05 – It’s another 40 for Matt. Should we just let him win already?

20:04 – What a performance. This is why we’re backing Matt tonight. He’s an entertainer through and through. Even better than the first time he performed the routine.

20:03 – What is he doing for his series favourite dance? It’s the routine from week 1.

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20:02 – Matt is up next. Can he get another 40 for this routine?

20:01 – Oh dear, Luke’s slagged off Jason’s hair. Big mistake!

19:59 – Karen said that Luke has come a long way and learned to perform over the series. Ashley said this performance was the one that clicked for her. Jason said it was one of Luke’s better routines but thought it wasn’t on-par with Beth and Matt.

19:58 – 32.5 from the judges. Not the best score…

19:57 – Uh oh! He was a little over confident there and had a little stumble. Jason’s going to go for him isn’t he?

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19:56 – Luke reckons he’s ‘in it to win it’ promising to give all he’s got tonight. Well his series dance is to One Direction’s Little Things.

19:55 – Luke is next up for his series favourite dance.

19:49 – Could Pammy look any more miserable at the back there? The rest of the celebs are having a whale of a time but she looks utterly miserable.

19:46 – Ashley said that she’s proud of Beth. Robin said it’s hard to recreate something that was perfect the first time round but admitted they pulled it off. Jason said he was relieved that Beth had chosen the routine to perform again. Karen said Beth looks at ease on the ice and declared it more beautiful than the first time round.

19:45 – The crowd loved it. Did the judges? 37.5 giving her her highest score of the night.

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19:44 – Performing their favourite routine of the series. This is the one that made the judges take notice of Beth’s performing ability.

19:42 – It’s time for Beth to get back on the ice!

19:42 – After round 1 we’d say that Matt is going to pick up the title.

19:41 – For someone that’s speechless Matt has a lot to say.

19:40 – Karen said it was exciting to watch and called it fantastic. Jason said that Matt is the reason he loves the final of Dancing On Ice as he’s ‘the whole package’ before saying he couldn’t differentiate between Matt and the professionals. Ashley called him passionate and said he’s always been a favourite for her. Robin said he was jealous of Matt and wished he’s performed the routine.

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19:39 – That’s a big old 40 for Matt. Full marks and highest of the season!

19: 38 – Could that score higher than Beth and Luke? We think it might!

19: 36 – This showcase dance is very grand. What a production!

19:34 – Matt’s had a real up-and-down journey hasn’t he? We think Ulrika Jonsson should pipe down though and stop slagging Matt off in print. Get a life love!

19:30 – It’s Matt’s turn after the break. Can he do better than Beth and Luke? It’s going to be a challenge!

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19:29 – Jayne isn’t coming out of the show well tonight is she? What a hussy…. 😉

19:27 – Ashley said it was fun and that the bum wiggling reminded her of her days in the Pussycat Dolls. Robin said that Luke kept up with the professionals. Jason said it started off like a gay bar scene but admitted that it’s the best musicality he’s seen. Karen said that Luke has grown with every performance and says he has finally found the beat.

19:26 – To be fair he was much better tonight than he has been in previous weeks. What do the judges say? 34.5 and it’s a series best.

19:25 – More shirtless action. Nice way to win votes Luke 🙂

19:24 – Time for a cowboy themed showdance from Luke. Will it be any good?

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19:23 – Luke is really dull isn’t he. He may have a nice backside but he doesn’t have much of a personality does he?

19:22 – The luckiest person in the final is skating next – Luke Campbell. How did he get this far? Oh yeah, Gareth had to withdraw due to his health. Hmm…

19:17 – We’re amazed that Pamela Anderson has returned for the final. Surely it must be something to do with her contract as after her humiliating week one exit we can’t think of any other reason she came back.

19:16 – Tarty Torvill. You’re supposed to comment on the skating love not the half-naked men that we didn’t at all notice not once through the routine….hang on Beth just skated? Seriously?!

19:15 – Jason’s about to explode with praise. Karen said she was distracted by the wardrobe but managed to congratulate Beth on her performance. Robin said it was great to see Beth relaxed and enjoying herself. Ashley agrees with everyone and says ‘work it honey!’

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19:14 – Can they beat their best score of 38? Not with this dance. It’s 36.5 and highest score from Jason!

19:12 – We’ve just noticed that Beth’s performing. Sorry we were distracted by Sylvain’s lack of a shirt as one of the backing skaters.

19:11 – Did they nick this routine and costumes from Strictly? Robin and Lisa did this routine…

19:10 – From the look of the rehearsals this should be pretty spectacular!

19:09 – First on the ice tonight is Beth with her partner Dan Whiston. She’s been criticised over the weeks for not being able to put on a performance despite her skating ability. What’s her showcase dance going to be like? Well it’s to the Carwash…

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19:08 – The lines are open! 090 20 50 51 and 01 for Beth, 02 for Luke, 03 for Matt.

19:07 – The finalists are now on the ice with their professional skating partners. We’re rooting for Matt to win. Not just because we fancy him but we do think he’s been the most entertaining. We reckon Beth could pip him to it though.

19:06 – Bravo Torvill and Dean. Now it’s time for Phill and Christine. We wonder if the rumours about Christine leaving ITV are true? We wouldn’t be sad about it…

19:05 – They’ve still got it haven’t they. Watching them skate is pretty amazing isn’t it?

19:03 – Starting off the show with a load of drummers and a dance from Torvill and Dean. We feel sorry for Torvill – her knees must be freezing from kneeling on that ice!

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19:01 – Poor Gareth. We think he could have won if he’d made it to the final. Damn those flying skates!

18:59 – The show is just starting. We’re already in suspenders!!

18:55 – we’re here and ready to blog. Who’s joining us? We think it’s going to be an exciting final.

The final of Dancing on Ice 2013 is tonight and we’ll be live blogging throughout the 2-hour show.

Starting at 7pm tonight, the show will see Matt Lapinskas, Beth Tweddle and Luke Campbell fight it out to take the winner’s title. All of the stars from the series will also return for one last skate.

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Who do you think will win? The bookies’ favourite is Beth Tweddle but we’re kinda rooting for Matt Lapinskas. Come back here at 7pm as we blog all the action. We’re pretty excited!


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