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Gareth Thomas on gay sport stars

Former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas appeared on ITV1’s Daybreak today to talk about gay sports stars and the forthcoming movie based on his life.

Talking about the lack of openly gay sports stars, Gareth said ‘I think people’s perceptions are changing but it is a slow process. But I understand that if you play in a team sport, especially when you play in front of big crowds, it’s not really your teammates that you’re worried about.’ He went on to say, ‘A lot of people may actually know in teams but not let it out because you need to be 100 per cent in the moment when you play sport, and if crowds around you can kind of ruin that and take the focus away then you’re giving them the opportunity to do that by coming out.’

When asked about the movie based on his life and the rumours connecting Mickey Rourke to the role, Gareth revealed ‘I went over there (the US) because I wanted to spend some time with him because Mickey is really passionate about the movie but I need him to know who I am and what rugby means to me, what it meant to my family, what it means to be a Welsh man playing for your country – the whole passionate side about it.’

Gareth will be putting his skates and lycra on this weekend when Dancing On Ice returns for a brand new series on ITV.

Watch the full ITV1 Daybreak interview with Gareth.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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