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The Voice UK: Week 4 recap

The Voice UK 2012

It’s the fourth week of The Voice UK, and after seeing preview pictures of this episode, we could hardly contain our excitement for tonight’s show.

Tonight was the last of the auditions, which gave pressure on the Coaches to complete their Perfect Ten. As Reggie Yates said, “The competition is fiercer than ever.” With just a few artists left, it certainly was game on

First up tonight was Emmy J Mac, and the 21 year old children’s writer and entertainer is used to performing in front of children, who can be the harshest critics. She said: “This audition is so important. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity like this.” Emmy sang Put Your Records On, and her voice reminded us a bit of Pixie Lott mixed with Duffy. was the first to turn his chair, followed closely by Danny O’Donoghue and Tom Jones. Will said: “You have a lovely voice. Wonderful. There was a part where you were pitchy, but who cares? I wouldn’t tweet about it, I would say you rocked it!” Tom said; “I always listen to the tone of someone’s voice, it’s like Janis Joplin. I want to pass on to you what I’ve experienced in my career.” Danny loved her too, and thought she had a recognisable voice. Emmy found it hard to make her decision, but she said: “This is really hard because you’re all amazing. There’s just something in my heart that’s telling me….I should go with Danny!” Danny was overjoyed, and EF was slightly jealous when Emmy got to hug him… One day…one day!

Next up was barmaid Jenny Jones. Having started singing in church, she loved everything about music. She contracted meningitis a few years ago, and having pulled through it, she now works in a bar, and sing whilst working. Jenny sang Mercy by Duffy, and EF liked her voice, but for us, it was there was too much Butlins-esque style going on. turned his chair first, and at the very last second Danny turned his. Will said: “I was trying not to press the button because someone else would do too. The very first sound that came out of you, was special. I‘d pick your brain to see what you wanted to accomplish” Danny said: “I pressed my button towards the end because it’s a hard song, and I wanted to see how you’d do it. I‘d go through your repertoire, and I think you‘ve got a story to tell” Jessie said: “I didn’t turn my chair round, but I did like you.” Deciding, Jenny said: “I’m going to go with!” Good choice Jenny!

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Tonight, we saw the rivalry between will and Danny, they both want the same people, and they also have tac tics.

Ben Lake was next, and having tasted fame before, he now wanted more. Having been in Jerry Springer: The Opera,he’s an old hand at musicals. He’s studied his craft, and now his last attempt to break it! The pressure was on. His song was I Who Have Nothing. His voice was beautiful, and we can see why he was in Jerry Springer: The Opera. Whilst listening to him, Tom looked very impressed, and his fellow Coaches kept urging him to turn his chair. No one did, which is a real shame. Tom said: “You have a very strong voice. That’s song I know very well, cause I recorded it. You went for the same note. It sounded a little too operatic for me, but I liked it and keep doing what you do.” Jessie said: “The Voice for me is what I wanted to bring to the table, which is a pop/singer songerwriter. I thought you were a female to start with.” Eh?! Well, we liked Ben, and we want to see him again!

17 year old Sophie Griffin took to the stage, and was desperate to do well. The Northern Ireland girl has been a regular on the pub and clubs circuts in Ireland and is also a huge Danny O’Donoghue fan. We wonder if he’ll turn his chair round! Sophie’s song choice was American Boy and she was very strong from the word go! EF liked her! For a seventeen year old, she has a bright future. turned his chair round at the very end, to a round of applause! At the end, she told Danny how much she loved him! He was happy. Will said: “Reason I turned around is because I remember producing that song with Estelle, and you didn’t sing it like her, which is dope! Well done!” We’re happy we’ll see Sophie again! She was happy too!! Ouch, our ears…

With so few spaces remaining, the Coaches were finding it hard. They were all looking for a Voice. Great singers. Will they find it?

Teenagers Indie and Pixie were next, and being best friends, they knew each other inside out. They wanted to bring back the Spice Girls era, and loved Jessie J’s style. They were auditioning together. Their song was Perfect. They blended together very well, and having caught on the fact there were too of them, Jessie turned her chair straight away, followed by Tom, and Danny. EF could sense the competition burning! Well done girls! Danny said: “As soon as I heard the second voice come in, I knew it was something special.” will said: “Straight away, I thought it was dope. Then, second voice came and it was double dope! That’s dope!” Jessie said: “Good tones. You blend nicely and I’d be excited to work with you.” Tom said: “I thought you sounded fresh. Very very good, a bit pitchy, but that can be nerves.” Choosing, they said Jessie J! We knew they’d say that!

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Next was Lindsey Butler, and the 41 year old has sung since she was a little girl. Lindsey is a mum of two, and she’s been lacking confidence in her appearance since giving birth. The Voice UK was the perfect chance for her to show what her voice can do. Her song was I Don’t Want To Talk About It. When she started singing, EF could hear a folky-country western influence in her voice, and we loved it! Sir Tom turned his chair, and immediately smiled! We smiled! We love Lindsey! Tom said: “You sounded great! You have a great tone, and you did wonders to that song. We’re gonna beat these people!” Danny said: “You have an incredible voice.” Lindsey came back with: “Thanks, and you’re very very cute!” We like her already!! Tom commented later and said: “She’s very old school singing.”

With only four more places to fill, the Coaches were finding it hard to choose. They all had one space each, and there was no more room for error.

Harriet Whitehead was next, and the teenager believed she was different. She loved festivals, and the atmosphere that goes with that. Her song choice was What’s Up by by the 4 Non Blondes. Her voice was very folky, and reminded us a bit of Ellie Goulding. She was good. She gave it her all. No one turned their chair, which was a huge shame. Danny said: “This competition is so hard. My team is choca block, and I have people like you in my team.” Tom said: “You have a beautiful voice, and it’s a shame we can only pick only ten people.” Will said: “It’s not the last we’ve heard of you.” Harriet was very gracious, and thanked the Coaches. Watch out for this girl in the future.

33 year old John James Newman was next, and performing has run in his family’s blood. His father is in a band called Marmalade, and his brother acts in Waterloo Road. He said: “Nerves are natural. I’ve got 90 seconds to try and change my life.” His song was Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bob Marley. EF could see the attraction, but for us, he wasn’t special. The Coaches kept urging each other to hit their buttons. Danny and Tom turned their chairs for him. Tom said: “I thought you sounded great, you came across very strong. I need you. If you need me, call me.” Danny said: “You’re voice sounds old but current. You’re the one to watch. You’ve got a great tone.” John said: “I’m going to go with Danny, but thank you Tom!” Danny had then completed his team! He said: “I’m feeling fantastic! I’ve got then children on my doorstep. I’ve got their lives and careers in my hands. I’ll give them everything!”

Hoping to take a spot was nineteen year old choir singer, Ruth Brown. Ruth loved being on stage, and singing had helped her get through her father’s death in December. Her choice of song was Kelly Rowland’s When Love Takes Over, and she had a very strong voice, and her falsetto was good and not too pitchy either. Tom turned his chair at the right moment. He said: “That note did it for me! You’re a great singer! I want you on my team!” Jessie said: “I love your style!” That completed Tom’s team! He said: “My team is strong, and they’re people I can help with my experience and take them right to the end!”

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So, with Tom and Danny now only being able to watch the competition, and not turn their chairs, it was up to and Jessie to choose their team.

Becky Hill was next, and the seventeen year old sixth form pupil thinks she’s a stereotypical teenager! Haha! Kevin and Perry style! Her song was Ordinary People, and after two seconds, both Jessie and will turned their chairs. Becky did a little dance! Her voice was strong, hard and soulful. EF liked her. Danny looked gutted that he couldn’t turn his chair. Jessie and Danny gave her a standing ovation! Jessie said: “Becky, you are the reason I came on this show. Here’s the deal. I’ve nine people and I want you to become a part of my team, and you’ve sang that song at that age, it’s amazing.” Will said: “That song was special for me, I wrote it. John Legend and myself went and wrote that, and I was talking about a relationship I had for nine years, and when he sung it, he didn’t sing it right. But, you took that song, you sang my life, and you sang it in your own way. Beautiful…I could offer you the best squad, and what I do for Fergie,” Becky chose her Choach and said: “I’m making my decision purely because you’re female, I’m choosing Jessie J.” Well done Jessie and Becky. So, now Jessie has ten people: “I have my ten! They’re from different walks of lie, and I’m excited to be on their journey now.”

It was now down for to choose his last team member. Chloe Blackwell was the next auditioned, and the 21 year old was raring to go. She sang This Love by Maroon 5, and she sounded good! He didn’t turn his chair round. His reason? “I didn’t think there was anything wrong with you. I didn’t hit my button because I’m at nine people, and one away to top it off. I should have hit it if I was listening to my head, but my gut said no. When my gut talks to me, I listen to her, and my gut is my Mum, and I always listen to her.” That’s a shame.

It was then down to two auditions; Daniel Walker  and Jaz Ellington. and both were expectant fathers. Daniel sang Kiss From The Rose, which EF loves! He didn’t look conventional, but his voice was gorgeous and very different. Danny was urging him to press his button, as was Jessie, but will was hesitant, and didn’t in the end. Danny said: “I have ten on my team already.  I love you! I kinow people back home think we‘re idiots for not turning our chairs” Telling Daniel his reasons, will said: “Thanks for performing and being patient. I know it’s hard. You sounded great. I’m sorry.” Jessie said: “I didn’t turn around, but I would love to work with you anyway.” Daniel was disappointed, but was very gracious in his defeat.

Jaz Ellington was the last, and the gospel singing teacher loved to teach. With his wife pregnant, he wanted to be able to tell his child that you could do whatever you wanted to do. His song was The A Team by Ed Sheeran. He had a lovely voice, and will turned his chair. He did have a bit of Cee Lo Green about him. The other Coaches looked so gutted that they couldn’t turn their chairs, with Danny literally climbing his chair and shouting over at will: “I hate you right now!” It was a good performance! Will said: “Hold up, I’m a speak straight from the heart right now. Couple of singers ago, I was sad, but then a real incredible singer came after her, and my gut told me not to hit my button cause something great would come. It was. You came like something from the sky! The lesson is – follow your gut!” EFthinks this is a good pairing! Congratulations Jaz! Jessie then asked him to sing something else, and he chose Ordinary People, accapella style – OMG. EF had goose pimples. This is what The Voice UK and all other singing shows like it is all about. Jessie was crying, sat there an emotional wreck, with tears in his eyes. EF had tears. We think Jaz will go a long, long way. Will gave him a hug.

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And that’s the end of the blind auditions, and hasn’t it been an eye opener? EF has loved watching it all, and with talent such as Jaz, we can’t help but feel excited for the next round. Bring on the battle rounds next week!


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