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The Voice UK: Week 2 recap

The Voice UK 2012

It’s the second week on The Voice UK, and after the excitement of last week’s launch, expectations were once again very high for tonight’s show!

With the legend that is Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue and as Coaches, what more could we want?

First up tonight was passionate singer and actor Hashma Thompson. He said backstage: “I applied to go on The Voice because it‘s an amazing opportunity to be mentored by such amazing Coaches.” Hashima’s song was Dynamite. Danny O’Donoghue was the first to turn his chair, in the first five seconds, followed very closely by By the second half of the song, he had all Coaches’ attention. Dancing around on stage, Hashima had presence. Sir Tom gave him a standing ovation! Danny said: “That was good! You could tell in the first few seconds, it set something off for me. Because you danced, the vocal suffered a little bit.” will told him: “I think you’re amazing. I agree with Danny, dancing made your vocals suffered.” Jessie told him: “Pick meeee!” Sir Tom told him: “If you’re looking for longevity, come to me.” will added: “As a producer, I work with a lot of people who tour. You should tour, and I could help you with that.” Hashima made his decision: “I’m going to go for!” Good choice Mr Thompson!

Next up was Glasgow grandmother Barbara Bryceland. In her VT, she said: “I enjoy being a grandmother, but I’m also an individual as well.” Talking to Reggie Yates before her audition, she was very excited. “It’s very important. When you come to my age, you come invisible. I want it.” Her song was Wild Horses by the Stone Roses. She started off very strongly, and her vocal range seemed amazing. Danny thought she sounded like Tom Jones. He was the first to turn his chair. said: “I didn’t turn round because I knew that you and Mr Jones, have a thing going on.” She said: “Tom has always been a legend in my house and in my family.” Tom said: “You have a wonderful voice, and I’m proud to have you on my team.” Barbara was on cloud 9! Go Barbara!

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We then saw Kerry Ellis, who is a West End star. Having done Wicked, Sound of Music, Rock Of Ages, Kerry: “This is an opportunity to be myself and sing my own songs.” Before going on stage, she suffered a huge bout of stage fright. “If nobody turns round, it’s quite humiliating.” Her song was Son Of A Preacher Man, and her voice was what you’d expect from a West End star, very very good. No one turned their chair, which was shocking. She deserved to go through. Danny said: “I thought you were phenomenal. I’m looking for a specific type of girl singer, and you were not it.” Sir Tom said: “It seemed to me like you’ve made it, you’re already doing musicals! Well done.” Kerry was disheartened, and backstage said: “The risk I took was to be said no to, publicy. That was hard.”

We also saw David Junior, who has recently quit his job to focus on making it big. His song was The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by the one and only, Danny O‘Donoghue and The Script. In the second verse, both Danny and will turned their chairs. We could see why. He had a beautiful soulful voice. He looked very sexy too. Danny asked him his name and his story, and then said: “You took a risk coming here singing that song, but your voice is fantastic.” will said: “I pressed my button, because I liked your voice.” David chose Danny. He made the right decision! We’d choose Danny too…

Next to compete was eyeliner punk loving Vince Judd He said: “At times, I do doubt myself. It’s because I’m not being judged from the way I look.” His song was his interpretation of Like a Virgin. Danny was the first to turn his chair, and then Jessie J followed suit. was next, which left Tom sat there looking bemused at the other three. He turned his chair at the very last second! Well done Vince! Sir Tom said: “I thought there was two people there for a minute!” Danny said: “I loved your song choice, and what you did to it.” said: “That’s the ultimate pop song every!” Jessie said: “That was amazing! I’m all about voices, and if you wanna do a lot of that, Holla!” Tom said: “I was enjoying it so much!” Vince made his decision, but it was very hard for him. In the end, he chose Jessie J. This didn’t surprise us, as they have very similar voices.

Seventeen year old student Shansel was next, and we saw her at home singing, in the shower, anywhere! She said: “People don’t expect the music that comes out of me by the way they look at me.” Her choice of song was the amazingNessun Dorma. It was a shock when she did start singing, and it’s true, you’d never expect her to have that type of Operatic voice. She was good, but she did need a bit of training to control her vibrato. No one turned their chair, which was a shame. When they did turn round after she sang, they did have a shock. They had a bigger shock when she said how old she was, and the fact that she never had a singing lesson. Jessie said: “I didn’t turn round because I thought you were much older and that I’d be intimidated by you. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of you.” will was very regretful that he didn’t turn his chair round, and apologised profusely. “She was wow!”

We then had a bit of competition, with Reggie asking us at home to close our eyes, and predict if the judges had turned round or not. Ross Wild was first, and singing Time Of Your Life, no one turned their chair. Tom said: “I should have hit my button, I think you’re great.” Sam Thornton sang Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and again, no one turned. It’s a shame. Danny said: “I’m kicking myself.”

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Vince Freeman was next, and having spent his entire life doing music, he’d decided that The Voice UK was where he wanted to be. The 34 year old musician said: “All I’ve ever wanted was the opportunity.” His song was Sex On Fire by the Kings Of Leon. Singing with an acoustic guitar, his voice was very raw and sexy. Danny was the first to turn his song, and sat there bopping his head, it was clear that he loved Vince! said: “I wanted to turn round the first note you hit, but you belong with Danny.” Danny said: “I turned my chair because the rawness was there.” EF is looking forward to seeing Vince again.

Alex Josh was next, and the lifeguard thought himself to be a cheeky chappy. Having been kicked out of school, he wanted to change and do music. Backstage he said: “I’m trying to hide my nerves with confidence. But I am nervous.” His song was I’m Yours. was the first to turn his chair, followed closely by Danny O’Donoghue. He had a nice voice, but EF didn’t enjoy him. Danny said: “That was one hell of a performance. Well done.” will thought his voice had star quality. Alex was having a hard time choosing his Coach, and he told Danny: “I like your songs, I like your band.” He did go with Danny in the end, which was a very good choice.

A segment then showed the Coaches ‘name-dropping’. Sir Tom Jones said: “I know Tina Turner, well.” said: “I lived with Michael Jackson once.” Haha!

Teenager Frances Wood then took to the stage. The 18 year old from Wakefield has been a bartender to fund her music. Her song was the Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love. Her voice resembled a bit of Jessie’s voice, the same style. was the only one who turned his chair, and that was right at the end. Danny said: “I was that close to turning my chair. I think will is going to do fantastic with you.” Will said: “I turned around because you have a great voice, but sometimes it’s hard to hear someone’s voice when they sing your song. There were a few times when you were out of breath, but we will work on that.” Frances was overjoyed. Well done girl!

Matt and Celine were the first couple to take to the stage. Having been together for fifteen years, they still looked smitten with each other. Will someone turn round for them? Matt had a guitar. Their song was A Little Time. Their voices blended well together, but EF wasn’t too happy with their version of the song. It was too country-western, turned weird for us. Sir Tom Jones was the first to turn his chair, and looked happy! Jessie J turned at the very last second. Sir Tom said: “I loved everything about it, I loved the harmony.” Jessie said: “I loved how your voices blended together.” Flipping a coin to choose who their Coach should be, the coin landed on Sir Tom Jones! Good choice. Jessie did not look happy!

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16 year old Holly Cosgrove was next, and she thought she was ‘different’. She did look different, but we thought she tried too hard. She said: “I like to make myself to stand out of the crowd. It’s all part of my act.” Her audition song wasYou Need Me, I Don’t Need You. EF liked her performance, but we couldn’t help but feel there was a hint of desperation about her. No one turned their chair, which must have been a knock. Jessie said: “I’m loving the outfiit. I didn’t turn around, because there wasn’t enough control or diction.” Danny said: “I was 90% there.” said: “Not every singers want to get the high notes, but one thing you have to have is the confidence in your voice. So, the same attention you put to your outfit, the same attention needs to go into your voice.” Holly was sent home.

Eighties star Denise Pearson was up next, and she used to be in 5 Star! They were dubbed the Uk’s version of the Jackson 5. Having had success with her old band, she wanted it again, but even bigger. Her song was Christina Aguliera’s Fighter. Sir Tom looked very pensive, we think he liked her. EF loved her voice!  Sir Tom turned his chair. Danny asked her story, and Denise told them about her past as a pop star! They weren’t shocked. Jessie said: “It’s so tough to sing a song like that, but in the beginning there were too many tricks and turns.” Sir Tom said: “You know how to do stuff, but it was the tone and power I liked. I’m looking forward to having you on my team.” Well done Denise!

The last one tonight was Welshman David Faulkner from South Wales. He’s new to singing, having only started when he was just 21. He said: “When I’m singing, it takes me to somewhere else. To be doing this as a day job would be amazing.” His song of choice was Superstition. Danny was the first to turn his chair, and we can hear why! David rocked it!, Tom and Jessie J all turned their chairs at the same time! It was amazing! They all loved him! He received a standing ovation from Sir Tom! Danny said: “I think you have what it takes to win this competition!” Sir Tom said: “First of all, we Welsh people have to stick together. You have a great voice, and we’ve got to stick together!” will said: “I know what to do with an artist like you. I’d love to have you on my team.” Jessie said: “You had amazing vocals. You’re the reason I came on this show, to find people who can sing! I’m going to make you find that voice!” David said: “I admire all four of you, I think you’re amazing. I’m going to go with Jessie.” Oh David, you should have gone with Tom!

So that’s it for another week. Our highlights were David Faulkner and Hashima Thompson. The only problem we’ve got at the moment with this show is, we don’t see enough of presenters Holly and Reggie. We’re sure that will change come the live shows, but please, can we have more? Good show once again!

The Voice UK will be back next Saturday night at 7pm on BBC One.

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